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Huawei bags a Rs 300 cr  contract from Bharti Airtel

Huawei has received a telecom infrastructure expansion contract worth around Rs300 cr from Bharti Airtel. The deal is part of  Airtel’s initiative to expand its National Long Distance network which is being run by Huawei. NLD optical transport network is essential as it carries inner-circle and international traffic and helps to manage the network capacity. This contract has taken place despite the Chinese Company being accused of cyber-snooping on behalf of the Chinese state.

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Rise in adoption of AI to neutralise cyberattacks: Wipro report

Global firms are using artificial intelligence as a tool to neutralise sophisticated cyber attacks to become more resilient, said Wipro in its 4th annual state of cyber security report. During the past four years, the report said, there has been an increase of 49% on cyber security related patents focussing on AI and machine learning. The report revealed that 86% of all nation-state attacks fall under “espionage” category, of which 46% are targeted towards private firms.

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Airtel picks 10% stake in KSUM-fostered Waybeo

Waybeo Technology Solutions under Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) hit a milestone as telecom giant Bharti Airtel is picking a strategic 10% stake in the company, with a focus on deep AI analytics for cloud telephony. The deal is a part of the Airtel’s Startup Accelerator Programme that aims to support the growth of early-age startups. It will help Waybeo earn a larger distribution reach, while enabling Airtel to leverage the startup’s telephon-based AI services.

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Internet subscribers in India rose to over 743M in March 2020: TRAI

Total number of internet subscribers grew 3.4% from 718.74M in Dec ‘19 to 743.19M at the end of March ‘20. The number of wireless internet subscribers stood at 720.7M (97%) and wired internet subscribers were 22.4M. 92.5% of the overall internet subscribers used broadband for internet access. Reliance Jio held 52.3% of the overall market share, followed by Bharti Airtel (23.6%) and Vodafone Idea (18.7%). BSNL held a 50% market share of wired internet subscribers.

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Internet everywhere: Bharti Group to launch high-speed satellite internet service by 2022

Bharti Group, with OneWeb satellite constellation and ISRO, expects to launch high-speed satellite internet services in India by 2022. OneWeb will be the world’s first low earth orbit (LEO) constellation covering every corner of the globe. ISRO will help in building affordable access terminals for deployment across the country. This move will bolster India’s presence in the space sector and also provide internet accessibility in the remotest corners of the country.

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Amazon partners Bharti Airtel to expand its cloud services

Amazon announced its partnership with Bharti Airtel to further expand its AWS cloud service in India – one of its largest cloud markets. It will sell a wide range of AWS offerings under Airtel Cloud brand to small, medium and large-sized businesses in the country. This move is similar to Microsoft-Reliance Jio deal signed last year to sell the former’s cloud services to small Indian businesses. Airtel too signed a similar deal with Google this January.

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COVID-19 Impact: Telecom Industry lost 82L customers in April

Telecom Industry has lost 82 L subscribers during the lockdown in April. Reportedly, this pressure will grow. Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea suffered the most. Conversely, Reliance witnessed a growth in its subscriber base. The COVID-19 induced lockdown has affected all sectors. Analysts say that GDP will contract by over 5% in FY21. Broadband subscriber base also declined by 11.1 M in April. This accounts for 57% of telcos’ overall decline.

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Huawei to lay off 60% staff; reduces 2020 target revenue by 50%

Huawei is laying off 60%-70% of its staff including contract-workers, third party employees and excluding those in R&D. The firm has also slashed its Indian revenue target for 2020 by 50%. Revenue, which was earlier expected to be $700-$800 M is now replaced by $350-$500M. Its two major Indian customers – Vodafone Idea, Bharti Airtel – have halted equipment-purchase. In US, TSMC has not given any new orders to comply with US export controls.  

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Airtel, Verizon partner to bring enterprise-grade BlueJeans VC to India

Bharti Airtel, Verizon have partnered to offer secure, world-class video conferencing solutions to Indian enterprises. Entitled BlueJeans, this enterprise-grade VC service from Verizon enables communication, collaboration across different devices; suitable for security-concerned firms like banks. Cloud point enables low latency. Integrated audio service offers dial-In option to join meetings. Airtel will manage its network needs and data centres.

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