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Big Data Analytics solutions spending in India to reach $22.6 bn in 2020

Big Data Analytics solutions’ spending to reach $22.6 bn in 2020, with a growth of 12% over 2019 in Asia Pacific region, said research firm IDC. It expects big data tech and service-related revenues to grow with a 5-year CAGR of 15.6% between the year 2019 and 24. 74% of enterprises intend to invest in BDA solutions at the same or higher level. Banking and telecom lead in BDA consumption, spending together over $ 6.1bn.

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BMW creates data hub with AWS to boost efficiency

BMW has developed a data hub with Amazon’s cloud computing division with the aim to use “big data” to boost efficiency. Data from BMW’s new hub, during the pandemic, enabled it to see which supplier plants had problems. BMW and AWS have been working together since 2015 and have spent 1.5 years to develop the data hub. Over 5,000 BMW employees will be trained to use AWS tech to make better use of data. The hub will use AI and ML to predict consumer demand.

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Vodafone Idea selects IBM as technology partner

Vodafone Idea has selected IBM Services to help the telecom operator embrace open source at scale across the enterprise by implementing Big Data Platform on open-source Hadoop framework. As VIL’s strategic technology partner, IBM is leading the end-to-end implementation and management of Big Data Platform. It will also be responsible for program management, consulting, system integration, infra services and will also enhance network security.

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Chinese firm linked to Beijing using big data to monitor high-profile Indians

Chinese tech firm Zhenhua Data Information Technology, in its global database of foreign targets, is using big data to monitor over 10K Indian individuals and organizations. The firm claims the Chinese govt and military as one of its clients. Monitored individuals include PM Narendra Modi, President Ram Nath Kovind, Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Singh Rawat, former PM Manmohan Singh and many more along with their families.

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How data lakes are helping Godfrey Philips India streamline data management

The company used data lake to concentrate all data from the factory, sales, marketing and manufacturing, making a single depository. Data lake helped in fetching real-time processed data from the outlets, easing shipment and planning processes in factories. The repository has also enabled the company to provide the sales team to take quick actions, give them a view of their targets and how much they’ve achieved; all this, over mobile applications.

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Tech M launches upskilling-as-a-service to enhance tech skills of 60K employees

Tech Mahindra has launched an Upskilling-as-a-Service platform for accelerating digital upskilling of over 60k employees globally. The platform aims at training employees on emerging technologies like 5G, cloud, big data, automation etc. It uses AI to provide interactive, on-demand, contextual and hyper-personalised upskilling experience to employees in a self-service model. Employees can access world-class content and assessment from 30+ partners.

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How Big Data, AI, people analytics help in recruitment

Data-driven recruiting uses facts, stats to make better hiring decisions. AI tools can schedule interviews, and can also ease, sometimes even automate video interview process. It increases efficiency, saves time and costs. Finding high-quality candidates also becomes easier. Big Data coupled with AI can enhance customer acquisition, job hoards, candidate engagement, experience etc. Large data sets enable quality-testing of recruiting channels.

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IFFCO to invest in AI for production forecasts, business ops

IFFCO is planning to increase investments in Artificial Intelligence to have an insight view into the business ops, predictive maintenance, sales analytics and production forecasting. It is using AI-based, voice-enabled Digital Assistant to answer queries of employees. The Fertilizer manufacture believes that IoT, Big Data, AI/ML are helping the manufacturing sector to adopt automation rapidly, enable remote monitoring, and predictive operations.

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Accenture acquires big data analytics company Byte Prophecy

Accenture has acquired automated insights and big data analytics company Byte Prophecy. The tech giant will add nearly 50 data science and engineering experts having specialisation in insight automation to its Applied Intelligence team. Accenture will leverage Byte Prophecy existing consulting and tech capabilities in data foundations and advanced analytics. Founded in 2011, Byte Prophecy and Accenture Ventures are working with each other since 2018.

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