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Ethereum breaks $3,000 barrier as value quadruple in 2021

Cryptocurrency Ether, the token transacted on the ethereum blockchain, witnessed a 3% rise on the Bitstamp exchange to touch $3,144 to set a new record. The present value of the digital currency has jumped 325% higher in the year so far, outgrowing a 95% rise of bitcoin. Both Ether and Bitcoin soared over 100% this year and hit a 2.5-year high on the last Sunday. The rise in Ether highlights the fact that investors are diversifying their exposure.

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Bitcoin slips to $47,5555 over Biden tax plans

Major digital currencies posted sharp losses after the news reports said that President Joe Biden was planning to double taxes on capital gains to 39.6% on an annual earning of $1 mn years, Bitcoin slipped to $47,555, falling below the $50k mark for the first time since March. Ether and XRP fell 3.5% and 6.7%, respectively, while dogecoin was down 20% at $0.21. The tax plans also jolted share markets, as investors booked profits and other risk assets.

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Personal data of 500 mn LinkedIn users up for sale

Names, email addresses, phone numbers, and genders of 500 mn LinkedIn profiles have been put up on sale, said the Microsoft owned professional network. Besides. another 2 mn records, which one can access to view after paying $2, have been leaked as a proof-of-concept sample, under which it mentions the 500 mn profile bank of the LinkedIn members. The personal information of 500 million profiles is available for a 4-digit amount in Bitcoin.

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PayPal allows cryptocurrency for payments

PayPal will start allowing its users in the USA to use cryptocurrencies to pay its online merchants across the globe. Those having bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and litecoin in PayPal digital wallets will be able to convert them into currencies at checkouts to make the transaction. PayPal is working on the service since late last year, and in few months it will be available to its 29 mn merchants.

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Tesla vehicles can now be bought using bitcoin

Tesla’s Elon Musk tweeted “You can now buy a Tesla with bitcoin” and added that the bitcoin earned though sales will not be converted into traditional currency. The buying option will be available outside the USA later this year. Tesla, last month, had bought $1.5 bn of bitcoin and said that it would soon accept it as a form of payment for cars. Musk, last month, had criticised conventional cash, saying when it “has a negative real interest, only a fool wouldn’t look elsewhere.”

Chinese beauty app Meitu buys 15K units of Ether

Meitu, a beauty app that helps touch up user-profile pictures, has reportedly bought 15,000 units of Ether for $22.1 mn and 379.1 Bitcoins for $17.9 mn in the open market on March 5. No other company has invested this heavily in cryptocurrency in recent times. The company has used as much as $100 mn of cash to fund crypto purchases because it believes that crypto could diversify its portfolio.

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India to ban private cryptocurrencies, plans official digital currency

India would prohibit all private cryptocurrencies i.e bitcoin and introduce an official digital currency issued by the RBI. The panel re-considered the launch of govt-backed digital currency after it had banned it in 2019 with a jail term of up to 10 years and large fines. In 2018 the RBI also ordered financial institutions to cut-off dealings in virtual currency. The Supreme Court in March 2020 allowed banks to handle transactions in cryptocurrency.

10 cr Indians’ card data selling on dark web via Bitcoin: Independent Researcher

Rajshekhar Rajaharia, an independent cybersecurity researcher, said that data of nearly 10 cr credit and debit card users of India was being sold on the Dark Web via cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The massive data, according to Rajaharia, has been leaked from a compromised server of payments gateway Juspay. The Bangaluru based firm said that no financial data were compromised during the Aug 2020 cyber-attack and the actual number was much lower than 10 cr.

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VPN providers leak 1.2TB data of 20M users; VPNs too are not safe

Seven Hong Kong-based VPN providers – UFO VPN, FAST VPN, Free VPN, Super VPN, Flash VPN, Rabbit VPN, Safe VPN – have leaked 1.2TB data of their 20M global users. Notably and surprisingly, these VPN providers offer ‘no-log’ services. It means that they don’t record users’ activity over their network. Data leaked from these apps include Bitcoin payment info, home address, passwords etc. These apps are, except Rabbit VPN, are still available on Play Store.

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