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Microsoft Edge rolls out cross-device history, tab sync

Microsoft rolled out the multi-device tab and history synchronization feature on its Edge browser, what competition has offered for years. The rollout comes almost a year after the launch of the browser. Microsoft had initially added sync for favourites, settings, extensions, addresses and passwords, but it was not for history or open tabs between devices. Edge’s sync feature, however, will not be protected by E2E encryption, unlike the competition.

Goodbye to Adobe Flash Player with 2020

Adobe in July 2017 had said to discontinue updating and distributing Flash Player after Dec 31, 2020. Microsoft had also blocked Flash in most versions of Windows. The restriction on supporting Flash was put due to the availability of better, more secure options like HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly. Adobe had advised uninstalling the software to protect systems, irrespective of its crucial role in web content across animation, interactive, audio and video.

Browsers to soon end support for Flash

Microsoft, by the end of this year, will stop supporting Adobe Flash on its browsers Edge and Internet Explorer. Mozilla, Apple and Google will also do so. Flash used to be an integral part of browser ecosystem but it has slowly lost its impact with the introduction of HTML 5 web standards. Adobe and Microsoft will have to find the right balance as there are still some businesses relying on old Windows versions that need Flash to be relevant.

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