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How firms can ensure data safety during the new normal

1. Deploying access management system to manage, monitor users. 2. Using Privileged Access Management for administrative access to systems. 3. Implementing multifactor authentication. 4. Applying appropriate policies — strong password-protected encryption, certificate access to network settings 5. Deploying MDM platforms to monitor employees’ mobile devices, networks.6. Implement BYOD only when it can be effectively controlled.

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How Indian CISOs are dealing with increased cybersecurity threats

1. As remote workers use open networks, they should change passwords regularly. 2. Ensuring software-based security by either using BYOD or Virtualization depending on requirements. 3. Close work collaboration between Security teams, HR, and senior management along with behaviour analytics to avoid data breaches by disgruntled employees. 4. Designing network access principles to meet conditional and contextual security needs.

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