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CEO of WhatsApp expects more from Apple in terms of user security

After the Pegasus spyware also targeted Apple’s iMessaging, WhatsApp CEO Will Cathart said Apple should do more about users’ security. He commended Microsoft for letting users know about the dangers of malware. Ivan Krstić of Apple in a statement pointed out that globally experts believe Apple phones to be the safest and such attacks are meant to target specific people with high execution costs and short shelf life.

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New Amazon CEO Jassy to be given $200mn in stocks

The new incoming CEO of Amazon, Andy Jassy will be awarded $200 mn in stocks that will payout for the next 10 years. On July 5th, the transaction of 61,000 shares will be recorded and they are currently worth around $ 214 mn. His current base salary is $ 175,000 with $45.3 mn in previously awarded stock that is vesting this year and $41.5 mn vests in 2020. Amazon plans on halting its prior biannual stock grants to Jassy.

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Crisiano Amon is Qualcomm’s 4th CEO is

Qualcomm announced that the 4th CEO of the company will be Cristiano Amon. He will take over on the company’s 36th birthday. Amon is now the company’s president, CEO, and also a member of the board of directors. He has vast experience in leadership roles as he guided the development of Qualcomm’s roadmap and 5G strategy. He has overseen the successful execution of M&A to augment Qualcomm’s capabilities and accelerate growth in key areas.

Ketan Patel has been appointed as new CEO of Mswipe

Mswipe has hired Ketan Patel as their new CEO. Founder Manish Patel will be taking over the role of managing director. Ketan is a veteran with almost two decades of entrepreneurial and corporate experience in the fintech and BFSI industry. He will be providing strategic solutions for improving operational excellence and developing value-added financial services. Ketan has been associated with CASHe and Kotak Mahindra Bank in leadership roles.

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Vivek Sunder resigns as COO of Swiggy, CEO Majety to take charge 

COO of Swiggy Vivek Sunder has decided to call it quits to pursue interests outside of the company. CEO Sriharsha Majety will be replacing Sunder who will be transitioning out by October. Sunder was a part of Swiggy for three years and was crucial for on-ground operations during the lockdown. He was a part of the launch of Swiggy’s hyperlocal grocery business Instamart which got SoftBank Vision Fund II to invest $450mn in the company.

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HP CEO has been appointed to the board of PayPal

PayPal Holdings has appointed Enrique Lores, CEO of HP to their board of directors, starting June 29. PayPal now has 12 members on its board after the addition of Lores. He has been a part of HP for almost three decades and has played a role in splitting HP into two publicly listed companies. He was also a part of  HP’s $1.05 billion acquisition of Samsung’s printer business in 2017.

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ByteDance founder informs staff about shifting away from CEO responsibilities

ByteDance’s founder Zhang Yiming told his staff that he is already moving away from the duties of CEO and his work pace has reduced. In May this year, he stepped down as CEO and decided to move to a key strategic position. He is analyzing the other companies’ organizational structures and managing styles while also researching the education industry. He is still the chairman and has absolute voting power at the company.

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Capgemini building team in India to cater to 5G, Edge demand

Capgemini is building a team in India to cater to the growing demand of 5G, Edge computing in the country.  It has recently announced the opening of a 5G lab in Mumbai where clients can prototype and test their 5G implementation projects. 5G has become a focus area for Capgemini after the acquisition of Altran, a French engineering-consulting firm. Ashwin Yardi, India CEO of Capgemini said that there was an exponential rise in products and services being embedded with software.

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Apple asks employees to work from office from September

Apple CEO Tim Cook, in a sign of re-opening of offices globally, has asked staff to join back office three days a week ( Mon, Tue, Thu) from Sept. Few of the staff may have to work four days a week. Apple employees, in a year, get two weeks to WFH to spend time with loved ones. Microsoft, in April, delayed the reopening of its offices till September after it had announced to start operating from Redmond, Washington-based headquarters in a phased manner.

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