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Elon Musk’s brain chip startup Neuralink raises $205mn

Elon Musk’s brain chip startup Neuralink has raised $205mn in a funding round lead by Google Ventures. Neuralinks aims to help people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and spinal injuries using AI. Someone with paralysis will be able to use a smartphone through their mind using the first Neuralink product. It is implanted in the skull and charges wirelessly, making the person look completely normal.

Intel is betting on its 3D chip tech to beat competition 

Intel, On Monday, displayed its new 3D chip technology and analysts said they have an edge over their competitors. Intel’s ‘chiplets’ are different from TSMC’s as they can take in a wider variety of chiplets and meld them together without a loss of performance. Another amazing feature giving Intel’s chiplets an upper hand in that they rest on top of copper columns, letting them suck up electricity more efficiently than other designs.

Intel planning to acquire GlobalFoundries in a $30bn deal

Intel Corp is negotiating a deal with GlobalFoundries for an estimated value of $30 bn. The deal does not involve GlobalFoundries directly as it was not in direct discussion with Intel. Earlier this year Intel announced expanding its advanced chip manufacturing business by spending $20bn in US factories. Intel is also looking to start making chips for carmakers who have struggled during the pandemic due to a shortage of chips.

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Samsung to increase the use of 7th gen chip for a heavy workload

Samsung is planning to expand the use of their 7th gen V-NAND chip solutions. It is planning to launch a new SSD based on its 7th gen V-NAND tech, which claims to have the smallest cell size in the industry. This will help in multitasking huge workloads, such as simultaneous 3D modeling and video editing. Samsung is the largest NAND flash vendor with a 33.5% revenue share in Q1. They had a business of $4.97bn in the period which was 7% more than last quarter.

Intel says chip shortage could last few years

On Monday, Intel said the global chip shortage could last for several years. Chip shortage has affected the auto production industry and consumer electronics domain. While companies have taken steps to address the issue for the short term, the problem could persist for a couple of years. CEO Gelsinger Pat said in the next six to nine months they will start producing chips, while Intel has made a $20 bn investment plan to expand its manufacturing capacity.

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Chip shortages to affect PC, supplies this year, say Dell and HP

Shares of Dell fell by 1% while that of HP dropped by 6% after they said their supply of PCs could be affected by the global shortage of chips. Dell said even its printer supply would be affected at least till the end of 2021. Dell reported a growth of 20% in its revenue from the client solutions group –desktops, notebooks, and tablets– in the quarter ending April 30. HP’s PC-related sales grew by 27% and notebook by 47%, compared to the same period during the last year.

Japan to increase funding to promote local chip production

Japan, as per the newspaper Nikki report, is to increase investment to speed up local production of advanced semiconductors and batteries. Under the draft growth blueprint set to be finalized earliest by June, Japan also plans to promote large-scale funds to develop batteries for electric cars. The government plans to increase its current 200 bn-yen funds for the program. Japan aims to have 40% of the global market share in next-gen power semiconductors in 10 years.

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Intel launches 11th-Gen ‘Tiger Lake-H’ mobile processors

Intel, extending the performance of the 11th-gen Intel core H series mobile processor, has launched the new chip code-named ‘ Tiger Lake-H’. The chip is based on a 10 nanometres SuperFin process technology, with a maximum of 8 cores and 16 threads, with single and dual-core turbo performance up to 5.0GHz. It also has 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes and the CPU can access the GDDR6 memory attached to the graphics card. It has a PCIe of 2.5 times more than that of 10th gen.