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Genesys launches new cloud capabilities in India to protect data sovereignty

Genesys is launching new capabilities for its Cloud services in India by enabling businesses to keep their interactions and data located within the country. The new offering will help the Cloud customer experience and contact centre solutions provider to tap highly regulated industry organisations with strict compliance and security standards — healthcare, financial services, govt, etc having data sovereignty needs.

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VMware acquires Mesh7 for application security on Cloud

VMware has acquired Mesh7, a US-based company, for an undisclosed price with the aim to deliver modern apps connectivity services to enable a developer experience for more secure operations, The company, founded by Amit Jain and Pratik Roychowdhury, provide ‘API Security Mesh’ solution empowers information security professionals that capabilities to protect modern, cloud-native apps and microservices against cyber threats and breaches.

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IBM doubling down on hybrid cloud ecosystem investments in India

Bob Lord, Senior VP, Worldwide Ecosystems, Cognitive apps and Blockchain, IBM, in an interview, said that the tech giant was doubling down on ecosystem investments in 2021 to help partners and clients having high-value skills, solutions and expertise needed to be competitive and resilient. “Over the past year we have strengthened our relationship Infosys, Tech M, Wipro, TCS, HCL, etc which are an integral part of our IBM hybrid cloud ecosystem,” said Lord.

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri’s CTO Pooraan Jaiswal resigns: Reports

Pooraan Jaiswal, CTO of Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, as per media reports, has quit the jewellery brand. Jaiswal, who joined TBZ in 2018, was responsible for the improvement of all IT infrastructure and services for both enterprise and end-users. During his tenure, TBZ moved to the cloud and implemented RPA, data analytics and AR/VR to help the traditional business to navigate a digital route. Jaiswal, having 20 years of experience, also served Globus as CTO.

Google Cloud lost $5.6 bn in 2020

Google, for the first time, disclosed operating income/loss for its Cloud business unit in its quarterly earnings yesterday. Google Cloud lost $5.6 bn in FY 2020, which ended on December 31. The total revenue of the unit stood at $13 bn. The unit’s losses, on the one hand, are rising up from $4.3 bn in 2018 and $4.6 bn in 2019, but revenue is also seeing an upward trend, up from $5.8 bn in 2018 and $8.9 bn in 2019.

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Accenture to acquire Imaginea to enhance cloud-native capabilities

Accenture will acquire Imaginea to use its cloud, product engineering skills and expertise in advance AI, robotics, edge computing, 5G. The acquisition will add 1,350 highly professional cloud-native engineers skilled across multiple platforms from AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform to Accenture. Accenture has 70,000 cloud professionals and will invest USD 3 bn for the next 3 years. Imaginea has 200 global clients. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

50% Indian CIOs see permanent increase in value of data: Druva

50% of Indian IT leaders see a permanent rise in the value of data as firms push for digital transformation, said a report by cloud data protection and management firm Druva. The report said that about 76% said that digital transformation plans have accelerated due to the pandemic, 42% reported an increase in VC attacks, malware (40%), phishing (35%), user error / accidental tampering or deletion (32%) and insider attack (31%).

IBM struggles with transformation as cloud, AI revenue down 4.5%

IBM’s earnings showed that its cloud and cognitive software revenues were down by 4.5% to $6.8 bn.  Revenue from cognitive applications — where AI incomes are mentioned — were flat. However, Red Hat performed well, with a rise of 18% in revenue YoY. But overall IBM’s revenue declined for the fourth straight quarter. Experts, however, said it’s too easy to say that IBM’s transformation strategy has failed, the results aren’t there yet.

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Microsoft introduces ‘Cloud for retail’ service for end-to-end shopper journey

Microsoft has introduced the private preview of “Cloud for Retail” which aims to connect experiences across the end-to-end shopper journey with integrated and intelligent capabilities. The retail-specific cloud service will centre around driving accelerated time to value by unlocking the power of various Microsoft Platforms. Microsoft aims to give the retailer the flexibility to adopt the capabilities they need to address their most pressing business needs.

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