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Microsoft introduces ‘Cloud for retail’ service for end-to-end shopper journey

Microsoft has introduced the private preview of “Cloud for Retail” which aims to connect experiences across the end-to-end shopper journey with integrated and intelligent capabilities. The retail-specific cloud service will centre around driving accelerated time to value by unlocking the power of various Microsoft Platforms. Microsoft aims to give the retailer the flexibility to adopt the capabilities they need to address their most pressing business needs.

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SAP to invest ₹500 cr for localisation, multi-cloud strategy

SAP will invest Rs 500 cr in India for localisation and multi-cloud strategy, making its solutions available in India data centres. The software giant aims to accelerate the nation’s digital agenda and support the vision of self-reliant India by leveraging the cloud to help enterprises recalibrate businesses to run better. The integrated cloud tech to enterprises would be data compliant under the upcoming Personal Data Protection Bill.

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5 best practices for successful cloud migration

1. One should have a well-defined reason and goal to move to the cloud. The transformation journey shall begin with an evaluation of readiness. 2) A new approach to cybersecurity 3. During the cloud migration process, one should not lose focus on business’ needs and asks. 4.Migration should be done keeping strictly business goal in mind. 5. Once ready don’t forget to research and learn from similar migrations within the industry.

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Cloud to fuel 6 key priorities for Indian firms in 2021: IBM CTO

Subram Natarajan, CTO, IBM India/South Asia lists six priorities cloud will fuel for Indian firms 1) A clear drive by the customers’ IT teams, to standardise on the tech enablers. 2) Addressing roadblocks regarding security, compliance and regulatory requirement. 3) Edge and satellite computing. 4) Intelligent automation to go mainstream 5 ) The fortification of core security wall 6) AI adoption to help predict outages and facilitate the timely resolution of issues.

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Google slashes One Storage subscription plans by half for 10 TB, above users

Google has slashed the subscription fee by half for users of Google One storage plans of above 10TB. The price for the 10TB plan is cut to $49.99 / month from $99.99. Google, however, hasn’t announced any changes in the pricing for Indian users. There are no discounts for users opting for smaller plans like 100GB, 200GB and 2TB. “If you’re already on a qualifying plan, you’ll start seeing savings automatically,” Google was quoted in a media report.

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Samsung, IBM agrees to combine private 5G with “edge computing”

Samsung and IBM have signed an agreement to combine “edge computing” with private 5G networks to help clients automate production. “Edge computing” uses augmented reality and ML to analyse bulk data at the factory floor, oil rig or office space, etc before moving it to remote  “cloud” servers. To work, it needs fast data transfers that 5G provide. Samsung’s 5G equipment, now, will work with IBM’s cloud tech – edge platform, integration services, AI products.

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Vedanta invests in automation and Industry 4.0

Vedanta is one of India’s largest Aluminum producers and has to ensure operational continuity even during the lockdown. Vedanta has put industry 4.0 and automation as a priority in their business tech strategy. The framework includes cyber-physical systems (OT-IT), IIOT, cloud, cognitive computing and AI has moved from ‘nice to have’ or augmenting capability for the aluminium industry to something that is vitally important for differentiation.

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Oracle upgrades Cloud SaaS solutions

Oracle announced key updates to its Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management to help businesses to rapidly adapt to the current economic climate, drive new business models and improve strategic decision making. It also announced major updates to Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management to deliver personalised journeys and growth opportunities for employees, while improving data accuracy for HR teams.

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Insights into Spicework’s report on future IT spend trends

1. Firms are likely to lessen the experimentation with emerging tech, leading to reducing the expenditure in that area in the coming years. 2. Investments in cloud, cybersecurity will remain a priority, with cloud moving from just being a back-up to operations. 3.Hardware budgets are expected to drop from 35% of the overall IT budget in 2019 to 31% in 2021. However, security hardware spend is set to grow; up 7% of the hardware spend in 2021 from 5% in 2019.

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