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Nutanix witnessed rise in subscription model in India during pandemic

Rajiv Ramaswami, Nutanix CEO, has said that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in customers shifting to a subscription model to save money. Business in India, Ramaswami said, grew 68% for the cloud-infra firm, while the company itself grew 14%. The CEO said the growth is expected to continue, with the company adding 700 customers every quarter to its already 20,000 strong customer count.

Source: Communication Today

Palo Alto announces new features for Prisma Cloud 

Palo Alto Networks has announced new security features for Prisma Cloud, enabling developers access to container image sandboxing. Running a third-party image will also be possible now, using an isolated environment to inspect the related processes using machine learning. Virtual Machines on Google Cloud and Azure will also be secured, with the update. The company said they are now a “Red Hat Certified Technology Vulnerability Scanner.”

Source: Zdnet

How PayPal shifted to cloud-based quickly during pandemic

Paypal, with the pandemic putting strain on digital payment firms, has had to shift workload to cloud quickly. Using hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud capabilities, PayPal has made the transition and has plans to increase cloud footprint each year, with a multi-year plan said, Wes Hummel, VP of Site Reliability and Cloud Engineering. The shift allowed PayPal to use flex-up capabilities, the ability of the cloud to burst workloads, and transactions onto the cloud.

Source: ET CIO

German cloud-computing program to get $1.2B Google investment

Google, to expand cloud infrastructure and increase the use of renewable energy, will invest €1B by 2030 in Germany. Google plans to add new cloud-computing centers in the Berlin region, and in Hanau town, to be in proximity to DE-CIX data exchange in Frankfurt. To operate the data centers, Google plans to purchase 140MWs of electricity, 80% of which will be from carbon-free sources.

Source: Outlook

Microsoft sees strong cloud growth, record quarterly profit

Microsoft, on Tuesday, reported its most lucrative quarter to date. Overall revenue increased by 21% to $46.2 bn, exceeding analysts’ expectations by nearly $2 bn. Personal computer revenue, — Windows software, Xbox — increased by 9%. Microsoft’s market capitalization is close to $2.2 tril. Microsoft  The company’s consumer business, according to Daniel Ives of Wedbush Securities, is “a work in progress.”

Wipro to invest $1bn to develop Cloud capabilities

Wipro, over the next three years, will be investing $1bn in cloud tech, capabilities, acquisitions, and partnerships. Wipro FullStride Cloud services have also been launched by the company to offer better cloud solutions to clients. The IT giant harbors a workforce of 79,000 in the cloud domain with 10,000 certified by the leading service providers. In its last 12 months, it has announced significant cloud-related signings.

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Microsoft to offer a cloud-based version of Windows

Microsoft said it is going to offer Windows OS as a cloud-based service to enable easy access to business apps that require the OS from a wider range of devices. The new service is planned to be launched on August 2 and will be called Windows 365. The new service is similar to virtual and remote desktops but without large IT department setups. Microsoft is hoping small businesses and schools can put this to use with a predictable monthly bill.

LG to expand cloud-based call centers

LG Electronics announced that it will be looking to expand its cloud-based call centers to provide better customer services to protect its workforce from Covid-19. LG recently launched its cloud-based call center in the US and they will be available in 10 more countries by the end of 2021. Q2 of LG is expected to clock 17.6 trillion won, up by 37% compared to 2020. Its operating profit is estimated to grow by 140% on-year to 1.2 trillion won.

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Nokia to deploy first 5G network on public cloud for DISH on AWS

Nokia to deploy its 5G Standalone Core for DISH on AWS. This marks the industry’s first deployment of 5G in the public cloud. The setup will support DISH’s cloud-native, OpenRAN-based 5G network. The deployment will help DISH to optimize network operations to launch new software and services rapidly and efficiently to improving customer experience. DISH will get Nokia’s voice core, cloud packet core, data management, E2E security services, etc.

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