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Clubhouse working on new “Waves” friend-chat invite feature

Clubhouse, one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, is working on a new “Waves” feature, according to The Verge. The new invite feature will be focused more on the casual side of the app, than on the content creation. Screenshots released by researcher Jane Manchum Wong show that the feature will enable users to wave at each other, and might be intended for Clubhouse’s social rooms. However, no official statement has yet been released.

Source: HBL

Clubhouse denies data breach ‘rumors’

A rumor surfaced that phone numbers of Clubhouse users have been put on sale on the dark web. The voice chat app said there was no data breach. The company has assured users that its investment in security is solid. A Clubhouse spokesperson said that a series of bots have been generating billions of random phone numbers. In case any number matches with those generated numbers, the Clubhouse API returns no user identifiable information.

Clubhouse may launch own private messaging feature

Grapevine has it that audio meet app Clubhouse is soon planning to launch its own private messaging feature. The company, recently, accidentally leaked ‘Backchannel’ which is a private messaging feature to some users. Backchannel will allow users to chat via text along with the audio. The feature will be a direct competitor for Whatsapp and Telegram. Spotify has also introduced Greenroom, its live audio Clubhouse rival.

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Clubhouse to launch android app globally within a week

The US-based audio-based social media app Clubhouse announced the global launch of the Android app within a week. The beta-testing of the app started earlier this month with a lot of features to be worked on like accessibility, language support, etc. The app, estimated at a market valuation of $4bn, faces competition from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter who have similar offerings or announced plans for the same. The startup said it is working to bring iOS features to the android version.

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Coming soon: Android version of Clubhouse

The US-based social media app Clubhouse estimated at $ 4bn, has become popular among US iOS users. Clubhouse to expand its growth has finally decided to launch its Android version on Playstore. Currently lacking a lot of features, the company is into beta testing and will be working on accessibility, language support, and many more features. It faces competition from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter who have similar offerings or have plans.

Clubhouse rolling out Beta version for Android app

Clubhouse, the audio-based chat platform, is testing an Android version of the app. The team behind the iOS-only app has confirmed that a beta version is a way. The Clubhouse team, in a blog post, has revealed how they had launched a “rough” beta version for Android. The blog post also talks about why a full launch is not live yet. They also said, in the post, that the iOS version is getting improvements to VoiceOver accessibility support.

Clubhouse discusses funding at $4 bn valuation: Reports

Clubhouse, as per media reports, is in talks with investors to raise funds at a valuation of about $4 bn.  The deal, if and when happen, would quadruple the start-up’s value from Jan and would reflect the high expectations of investors from the audio app. The reports, however, did not reveal how much Clubhouse is seeking to raise or named the investors who may participate. Clubhouse didn’t respond to the media queries.

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Clubhouse launches payments so creators can make money

Clubhouse will let users send money to their favourite creators. The feature — Clubhouse Payments — can be used to send by going to the profile of the creator and hit “Send Money” and enter an amount. The creator has to enable the feature. “100% of the payment will go to the creator. The person sending the money will also be charged a small card processing fee, which will go to the processing partner, Stripe,” Clubhouse said in a blog post.

LinkedIn working on a Clubhouse rival for professionals

Microsoft owned LinkedIn said that it is testing an in-app social audio experience. LinkedIn’s new feature will be different from Clubhouse rivals being built by Facebook and Twitter as its audio networking feature will connect users’ professional identity and not a social profile. The professional networking platform said that the development of an audio-based feature came as users have been asking for more ways to engage on its platform.

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