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Hyderabad based start-up develops robot disinfectant at economical price

Hyderabad-based start-up ‘H-Bots Robotics’, as a part of its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, has come up with a robotic disinfectant  — ‘ACCORD’.  ” The key difference that we brought in was the cost reduction of the product and functioning. ‘Accord’ will be available at a range between ₹2.5 lakh rupees to ₹7 lakh and is available in manual, semi-manual and autonomous variants” said Kishan, Founder and Chief Executive of H-Bots Robotics.

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72% of cyber attacks related to COVID-19 comes via fake ‘trusted’ emails

Cybercriminals are using COVID-19 cures and donations themes in scamming attacks to compromise email accounts in Indian firms. In fact, 72% of COVID -19-related attacks today are scamming or spear-phishing emails, sent mostly from a trusted source. Just for facts, 36% of overall attacks come from scammers, 13 % from internally compromised accounts. A massive 71% attacks include malicious URLs, only 30% of BEC attacks included a link.

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IBM says cybercriminals targeting vaccine distribution ops

IBM has detected a cyber espionage campaign using phishing emails to try to collect vital information on the distribution of Covid-19 vaccine in developing nations. It is not sure who was behind the campaign which began in September, or how successful it was. But trends indicate a “nation-state tradecraft” behind the campaign which is targeting “cold chain” developed for nearly 3 bn people who live where temperature-controlled storage is insufficient.

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N Korean hackers targeted COVID vaccine maker AstraZeneca : Reports

Suspected N Korean hackers have recently tried to break into the systems of one of the top three COVID-19 vaccine developers AstraZeneca. The hackers posed as recruiters on LinkedIn approached a “broad set of people” at the British drugmaker including staff working on COVID-19 research with fake job offers and then sent job descriptions documents laced with malicious codes to gain access to a victim’s system. Attempts, however, have not been successful.

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AI, ML, 5G, IoT will be most important tech in 2021: IEEE study

AI, Machine learning, 5G and IoT would be the most important technologies in 2021, according to a new study by the IEEE. Manufacturing, healthcare, financial services and education sectors would have the maximum impact of IT. The results are based on a survey of CIOs and CTO in the US, the UK, China, India and Brazil. Half of those surveyed see the biggest challenge as dealing with aspects of COVID-19 recovery in relation to business operations.

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Hackers backed by Russia, N Korea targeted COVID-19 vaccine makers: Microsoft

Microsoft has claimed that hackers backed by Russia and North Korea have targeted seven pharmaceutical companies in the USA, Canada, France, India and South Korea involved in the COVID-19 vaccine development efforts. Microsoft said that while it has blocked the “majority” of the attacks, some were successful.  The tech giant identified Russian group Strontium or APT28 or Fancy Bear, North Korea’s Zinc and Lazarus Group behind these attacks.

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McAfee detects an average of 419 new cyber threats per minute in Q2

McAfee said it has witnessed an average of 419 new threats per minute as overall new malware samples grew by 11.5 % in the quarter ending October. Covid-19 prompted cybercriminals to change cybercrime campaigns to pandemic themes and exploit the weaknesses of WFH, said the “McAfee Threats Report: Nov 2020.” The report went on and said that Q2 saw a 605% increase in Covid-19-related attack compared to Q1.

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Wipro let employees WFH till January next year

Wipro, in an email sent to employees in India and the US, has asked them to WFH till January 18, 2021. The decision was taken as COVID-19 pandemic remains unabated in these two countries. Wipro’s over 90% of 185,000 employees are based out in India and the US.  The Bengaluru-based IT services provider said that guidelines for those who need to go to the office, around 2% of the total workforce, remain unchanged.

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Digitalisation to drive $6.8 tril IT spending from 2020 to 23: IDC

The digitalisation of the global economy will drive $6.8 tril of IT spending from 2020 to 23, said IDC. The firm predicted that 65% of global GDP will be digitalised by 2022. By Dec 2021, 80% of the firms will plan to shift to cloud-centric infra and apps 2X faster as before the pandemic. Digitalisation will enable quick responses to the business needs while creating a strong foundation enabling the business to scale faster and with greater operational flexibility, it said.

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