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DRDO develops a new AI-based COVID detection tool

ATMAN AI a new covid detection algorithm for chest x-rays has been built by DRDO. The tool uses AI with the support of the 5C network and HCG academics. This triaging tool will help in the rapid identification and assessment of lungs affected by Covid-19. It is faster, cost-effective, and more efficient than CT scans. The ATMAN AI has an accuracy of 96.73%, helping reduce the burden on radiologists and CT scan machines.

Telangana to deliver COVID jabs using drones on experimental basis 

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has allowed the Telangana govt to deliver COVID-19 vaccines using drones on an experimental basis. DGCA has granted the state a conditional exemption from the UAS Rules, 2021 for a period of one year to conduct “experimental delivery of vaccines using drones within visual line of sight (VLOS) range.” VLOS is considered to be a distance of just 450 mt in conditions when minimum ground visibility is 5 km.

HCL moving priority workload outside India following COVID surge

HCL Technologies is moving priority workload to outside India to ensure business continuity amid the surge of COVID cases. HCL’s President and CEO C Vijayakumar told PTI that  “Some geographies have established and their vaccination levels are very high, so they are taking a little more load”. HCL’s 30% workers are based out of India.  The tech firm has also set up a COVID helpline, having 25 doctors and 20 nurses, for its employees.

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Salesforce may allow workers to work from anywhere post-COVID

Salesforce said it will let most of its employers WFH or anywhere at least part-time permanently. This means employees will be in the office anywhere from one to three days a week. Employees who don’t live near an office or have roles that don’t require an office will work remotely full-time, Salesforce said. Some workers whose jobs require them to be in a physical office will continue to go work.

How technology can and may change the world post-COVID

1. Collaboration tools like Teams, Zoom etc will ensure professional and personal connectivity. 2. Cloud platforms – public, private, hybrid – will enable the remote accessibility of data. 3. No-touch environment will be facilitated by drones, robotics, automation. 4. AR/VR-led sales platform will enable remote selling. 5. Surveillance tools, facial recognition, contact tracing apps will ensure social distancing compliance. 6. Virtual learning.

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BMC to use AI-based voice sampling method for COVID detection

BMC, starting next week, will use the AI-based voice sampling method to detect COVID-19 at its Nesco facility in Goregaon. If it works well, they’ll scale it up to other branches. BMC officials call the whole voice analysis project their own initiative. The test requires a person to speak into a smartphone with the app that is voice-tuned (trained) on thousands of COVID-19 patients. It will run the patient’s voice through the database and detect the condition.

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How Punjab Police is using AI-assisted drones during COVID

Camera-equipped drones do aerial monitoring and recording operations. Their Yolo Detector uses deep neural networks. Human detection and distance calculation system can tell if social distancing norms are violated. In the footage, compliant individuals are shown in green colours blocks while violators in red. Data is computed in real-time and video clips with location coordinates are sent directly to the police. A command centre analyses all the data.

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Unfazed by COVID-19 pandemic, TCS to hire 40,000 freshers

TCS, despite business going south due to COVID-19 pandemic, has kept its campus hiring at par with the last fiscal year. The tech major will hire 40,000 freshers, like the last FY, from various campuses in India. It will double up its campus hiring (2000) in the USA, to cut dependence on H-1B and L-1 work visas. TCS, it is worth a mention, has honoured all the 40,000 offers it made last year despite the disruption of business. The freshers will join TCS beginning mid-July.

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