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SII, Bharat Biotech, becomes the target for Chinese cyber attackers: Cyfirma

Two Indian vaccine makers, Bharat Biotech and the Serum Institute of India, whose coronavirus shots are being used in the country, were the target of a cyberattack by Chinese hackers, according to a cyber intelligence firm, Cyfirma. The Chinese state backend hacking group also known as APT10, found vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure and supply chain software of these companies.

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Covid-19 lab at Oxford University suffers cyberattack

One of the labs in Oxford University, involved in Covid-19 research was targeted by cyber attackers, revealed an investigation by Forbes. The attack that happened in the middle of the month didn’t affect clinical research. It is not clear who was behind the attack. Forbes said that the machines used to prepare biochemical samples were the ones affected. NCSC, a branch of the British intelligence agency GCHQ, will investigate the attack.

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37% increase in cyberattacks on healthcare in  2020

Check Point said, monthly cyberattacks on hospitals and healthcare organisations rose by 37% in the last 12 months and therefore, was the most targeted industry in 2020. Cyberattacks targeting healthcare organisations increased by 45% globally in Nov and Dec of 2020. The most common cyber threats the sector faced was ransomware. Check Point added, nearly half of all ransomware incidents in Q3 2020, involved the threat of releasing data stolen from the target organisation.

Lazarus group hacks into S Korean supply chains, N Korea under suspicion

Infamous Lazarus group is been behind a new campaign against South Korean supply chains, made possible through stolen security certificates. Cybersecurity researchers from ESET revealed that the group abuse the certificates, stolen from two separate legitimate South Korean companies. Also known as Hidden Cobra, the group is suspected of being tied to North Korea. Lazarus is connected to the infamous 2014’s cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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