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World’s biggest watchmaker shuts down tech systems after detecting cyberattack

Swatch Group – the world’s biggest watchmaker – said it shutdown some of its technology systems after detecting a cyberattack over the weekend. A shutdown of some of its systems – which the group conducted on a precautionary basis – had affected some of its operations, the company said, without specifying which operations were affected. “The situation will return to normal as soon as possible”, it said.

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Flipkart partners Bajaj Allianz to launch insurance to cover online financial frauds

Cyberattacks are increasing multifolds with the advent of digital revolution. Hence, two of India’s renown companies Flipkart and Bajaj Allianz General Insurance have partnered to launch ‘Digital Suraksha Group Insurance’ for customers who want to cover themselves against financial losses caused by cyberattacks. This partnership is announced ahead of the festive season when both sales and subsequently financial frauds are sky-high.

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Cyberattack hits US’ major hospital chain Universal Health Systems

Universal Health Systems – a major healthcare provider with over 400 locations primarily in the US – was hit by a cyberattack over the weekend. UHS, in its statement, confirmed that its network was offline due to a security incident. The company did not specify the type of attack but reports state that it may have been hit by a ransomware. No patient or employee data appears to have been “accessed, copied or misused,” UHS also said in its statement.

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China carried out cyberattacks on Indian satellite communication in 2017

China carried out multiple cyberattacks between 2007-18, including a network attack against Indian satellite communication in 2017, a US-based China Aerospace Studies Institute (CASI) confirmed. ISRO chief K Sivan stated that it has not been compromised so far. CASI pointed that China has several counter-space techs to threaten rival space systems. Also, People’s Liberation Army has acquired, developed techs that China could use to “blind and deafen the enemy”.

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Cyberattack on PM Modi’s website Twitter account, asking donations via cryptocurrency

The Twitter account of PM Narendra Modi’s personal website and mobile app was hacked early this morning. The account reportedly sent out tweets asking its (2.5M) followers to donate to the PM National Relief Fund through cryptocurrency. Twitter says that it has taken “steps to secure the compromised account” and is “actively investigating” the situation. PM Modi’s personal account with 61M followers was unaffected.

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53% of firms lack cybersecurity strategy to fight possible WFH-led cyberattacks: Survey

A survey by Barracuda Networks found that 53% of Indian firms lack an up-to-date cybersecurity strategy to cover the vulnerabilities full-time remote working can cause. Exacerbating the scenario, 79% have allowed employees to work using personal devices and networks. WFH-led cyberattacks have affected nearly 66% Indian firms; phishing attacks hitting 67% of them. 83% plan to move their data to 100% cloud-based model. The survey is based on 247 Indian businesses.

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Rise in Chinese cyberattacks, DoT aks website auditing, compliance certificate

Department of Telecommunications has written to all websites, within its ambit, to conduct a security audit and submit a compliance certificate asap. Govt officials witnessed the surge in Chinese cyberattacks since the Indo-China border clashes. DDoS, phishing, malware, keyloggers with CnC pattern are the most common types of attacks. DoT has asked sites for security up-gradation and domain migration to by August 31.

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Cybercriminals from China, Pak are aggressively targeting India since lockdown

Cyberattacks in India have increased since the nationwide lockdown was imposed. The country continues to encounter threats from malware that communicates with Chinese servers, government officials and cyber companies. Most of the hackings are through phishing emails, malicious advertisements, and third-party apps and programs. The main targets of these attacks are reportedly government organisations, national IT infrastructure and banking sector.

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93% of Indian firms were hit by a cyberattack during last year

Around 93% of Indian firms have witnessed at least one cyberattack during the last one year said a Sophos survey. The 227 participants survey revealed in 55% of the incidents cloud provider’s account credentials were stolen while misconfigurations in open ports resulted in a cyberattack in 44% of cases. Ransomware (53%) tops with the number of attacks on public cloud, followed by malware (49%), compromised accounts (48%), and crypto-jacking (36%) attempts.

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