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Tag: cybersec (page 1 of 1)

Palo Alto Networks hits $1 billion in sales

With clients investing heavily in network defences after the sophisticated cyber-attack by suspected Russian hackers that uncovered vulnerabilities in software supply chains, Palo Alto Networks reported its first $1 bn quarter of revenue. Sales escalated by 25% to $1.02 bn, according to Bloomberg, which is the biggest YOY increase in seven quarters. Over 18,000 SolarWinds clients were exposed to Russian malware in the recent past.

Microsoft warns enterprises of new ‘dependency confusion’ attack technique

A Microsoft white paper has detailed a new concept called “dependency confusion” that attacks mixed app-building environments inside enterprises. It says that if an attacker learns the names of private libraries, they could register these names on public package repositories and upload public libraries having malicious code. The attack takes place when the package manager prioritises the library hosted on the public repository.

World’s most dangerous malware botnet Emotet taken down

The world’s most dangerous malware botnet ‘Emotet’ has been taken down by a collective operation, which lasted for over two years. The botnet first appeared in 2014 as a banking Trojan to become one of the most powerful malware ever created. The global participation to take down Emotet involved  Europol, UK’s National Crime Agency, FBI, and law enforcement of six countries were involved in the operation to take down Emotet.

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