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87% of Indian Organisations faced Security breaches last year

At least 87% of Indian respondents said their companies faced a security breach last year, according to a report by cloud-enabled Security solutions provider Barracuda. The report states that companies with staff working from home had a significantly higher rate of breaches, compared to companies with staff working from the office. 79% of those surveyed said their organisation faced at least one ransomware attack in the year.

Source: IBTimes

BlackMatter ransomware attack hits technology giant Olympus

Olympus said that it was in the process of investigating a potential breach due to a Cybersecurity incident affecting its European, Middle East, and Africa computer networks. Data transfers in the affected systems have been suspended, and relevant partners have been notified, the company said. BlackMatter is a ransomware-as-a-service group, which rents its infrastructure to other ransomware groups, taking a cut of the ransom as payment.

Source: Bleeping Computers

Singapore telco hacked, with data of 79,400 customers accessed

MyRepublic, a local mobile operator and ISP in Singapore has said that cybercriminals have accessed 79,400 customer’s private data, in their latest cyberattack. The incident was uncovered on 29 August, with data such as ID verification documents, bills, National Registration Identity Card info, and other critical data stolen. The relevant authorities have been notified, including MyRepublic’s cyber incident response team.

Source: Telecom Live

Web threats increase speed doubled in India during Q2 says Kaspersky

The web threats in India increased at double the speed in Q2 of 2021 as compared to Q1 of 2021, said Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky. The firm said it blocked 8,30,45,576 threats for Indian users of Kaspersky security, from April to June 2021. Compared to 3,76,50,472 threats blocked in the January to March period, this shows that threats have doubled, and places India 37th when it comes to dangers associated with web browsing.

“Windows 11 Alpha” malware attack being used to obtain people’s financial information

Before the official launch of Windows 11 on October 5, Windows-themed malware is tricking people into giving away their financial information. The “Windows 11 Alpha” attacks by activating a malicious code on PCs, using a word document which the users open with some simple steps. This code then steals the financial information. The cybercrime group FIN7 is suspected to be behind the attacks.

Source: Indian Express


President’s leaked Vaccine certificate in Indonesia ignites privacy concerns

An online leak of the Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s Covid-19 vaccine certificate has increased cyber-security concerns in the country. The records were accessed using PeduliLindungi (care protect) app and shared widely online. Citizens are thus questioning the government’s commitment to data security, with many expressing concerns over the app which is necessary for air travel and entry into malls.

Source: Wion


Apollo Pharmacy lodges complaint against cybersec firm for negligence

An Apollo Pharmacy representative lodged a police complaint against one of the two IT security companies providing internet security to Apollo. The firm, in its complaint, alleges that part of Apollo’s computer network was affected by a ransomware attack due to negligence of the security firm. While there was no data loss and no operations were affected, a complaint had been lodged under Sections 66-c, 43 r/w 66 of the IT Act.

Source: Times of India


Check Point Software acquires cloud email security business Avanan

Israel-based Check Point Software said that it has acquired Avanan, a US-Israel-based cloud email security business. Avanan. Founded in 2015, Avanan specializes in protecting email, which is where most cyber-attacks originate. With businesses moving to the cloud, the acquisition represents huge potential, said Dorit Dor, Check Point’s Chief Product Officer. With over 5000 customers, Avanan protects 2.5M email accounts.

Source: CRN

Cybersecurity in US to get boost as Google to invest $10B, train 100,000 Americans

Saying that the USA govt and corporations are at a watershed moment in cybersecurity, Google announced a $10B investment in the sector. The company will also train 100,000 citizens through the Google Career Certificate program, in fields like IT and data analytics. The move comes after a meeting with President Biden, where IT giants Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple promised to help the US ramp up Cybersecurity.

Source: Google