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Infosys close to winning $1.5 bn Pfizer deal

Infosys has emerged as the front-runner for a $1.5 bn Pfizer IT outsourcing deal and is said to be in the last few laps of negotiation. If it wins, it will add a significant amount to the existing large deals TCV of nearly $12 bn. Recently, Infosys won the $3.2 bn Daimler contract and $1.5-bb Vanguard deal in August. In 2020 fiscal, Infosys had a large deals TCV of more than $9 bn, which was 44% higher than in the previous year.

IT infra transformation deal may lead to 600 Daimler people moving to Infosys

Infosys, in a landmark deal, has won the largest deal ever from German automotive major Daimler, estimated at around $3.2 bn and spread over eight years. The deal involves transformation of IT infrastructure and moving to a hybrid cloud. It will help Infosys to boost presence in the automotive sector and will let Daimler focus on core capabilities i.e engineering, digital. The deal also involves 600 Daimler people transferring to Infosys.

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Infosys emerges as front runner to win $1.3 billion Daimler deal

Infosys is the front-runner for a multi-year $1.3 bn outsourcing deal from German automotive major Daimler. The contract besides being focused on infrastructure management services, networks, data centres also involves over 600 Daimler employees transferring to Infosys. Daimler’s restructuring plan included cutting its workforce by over 10,000 to slash $1.6 bn off spending by 2022. Infosys is already a strategic partner for Daimler’s European data centres.

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