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Privacy EU activist filed complaint against Apple tracking tool

Vienna-based digital rights group NOYB has filed complaints against Apple over its use of software to track the behaviour of iPhone users. The complaint includes tracking data without users’ consent, violating the European Union’s electronic privacy rules. The group has also requested to data protection authorities to examine the legality of Apple’s tracking codes. The codes are similar to website cookies to store user behaviour information. Apple denied commenting.

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Now French privacy watchdog is probing into TikTok

French privacy watchdog, CNIL, opened a probe into TikTok after it received a complaint in May. It is particularly vigilant about TikTok. The UK’s data watchdog also has a similar probe pending. TikTok is already under immense pressure because of the US’s potential ban on the app. Europe has some of the strictest data protection laws in the world which allows authorities to fine companies as much as 4% of global annual sales for the most serious violations. 

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