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IT staffers receive 40 targeted phishing attacks in a year

A report by Barracuda said that on average IT staffers receive 40 targeted phishing attacks in a year. The analysis was done between May 2020 and June 2021 on 12mn+ spear phishing and social engineering attacks impacting over 3 mn mailboxes at over 17,000 organizations. 10% of all social engineering attacks were found to be BECs. In a year, an enterprise faces 700 social engineering attacks with 43% of phishing attacks copying Microsoft.

Microsoft adds powerful safety feature against phishing attacks

Windows has made Microsoft teams the default channel for communication on windows 11, as it is stepping up the OS security. To protect against phishing attacks, Defender’s ‘Safe Links’ have been added. Suspicious links will be scanned at the time of click to protect the user. The effectiveness of Safe Links is high as it detects 2 mn phishing URLs created by malicious users each month, while over 100 emails with these URLs are blocked every month.

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WeChat temporarily halts registrations of new users

WeChat has announced that it is going to comply with the local laws of China and temporarily stop accepting new registration requests on its Chinese version. The app is going to work on upgrading its data security technology. No specification was given in regards to the laws and regulations. These new changes are expected to be completed in early August after which Wechat will resume accepting new registrations.

Users affected by major ransomware attack still under investigation

Kaseya, whose software was exploited during the major ransomware attack, said less than 1500 small businesses have been affected by the attack. President Joe Biden has ordered a deep dive into the matter as companies across all continents were affected. Cybersecurity experts, however, suspected that the affected businesses out of Kaseya’s chain of 800,000 to 1,000,000 mostly small businesses are more than what Kaseya claimed.

India to release new cybersecurity strategy this year

Lt Gen Rajesh Pant reveals that the Indian govt may release a new cybersecurity strategy this year. This strategy will cover the entirety of the ecosystem of cyberspace of India. It is made in a way to tackle every aspect. Around 80 new deliverables will be coming from this strategy. The government has taken a number of steps to ensure safe, secure, and trusted cyberspace as cybercrime in India has increased by 500% during the pandemic.

India has a shortfall of skilled cybersecurity experts: Sophos survey

Sophos announces findings of its survey report in the Asia Pacific and Japan region, in association with TRA. The study states that despite cyber-attacks, cybersecurity budgets have remained unchanged. India has a shortfall of skilled cybersecurity experts, and Indian companies are struggling to recruit cybersecurity staff, the study pointed out. The need to appoint a CISO will increase from 33% to 40% in the next 24 months.

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VW vendor’s data breach affected 3.3 mn customers in North America

Volkswagen, in a statement, said a data breach at a vendor has affected 3.3 mn customers and potential buyers in North America. Almost all of them were customers or potential buyers of Audi. The vendor had left sales and marketing information from 2014-19 in an e-file unsecured. Limited personal information about customers and potential buyers was exposed to hackers. VW will offer free credit protection services to the 90,000 customers affected by the leak.

Cybersecurity expert says CoWIN not hacked

A report said that CoWIN portal where the data of 15 cr Indian citizens who have registered for vaccination was hacked. Researchers said that the site claiming to have put the data for sale is fake and running a bitcoin scam. The group which goes by the name ‘Dark Leak Market’ said it is reselling the data at $800 as they were not the original leakers. The vaccination process has not been hit and the govt continues to include UDID for administering vaccines to people.

India and Australia to work on improving cybersecurity 

India and Australia have come to an agreement to improve the digital economy and cyber-enabled technologies. They feel the need to strengthen the security of 5G telecom networks and other critical information infrastructure. A five-year plan has been laid down by both countries on cyber-enabled critical tech cooperation. Both sides will share cybersecurity threat assessments along with information on legislation and national cyber strategies.