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Genesys launches new cloud capabilities in India to protect data sovereignty

Genesys is launching new capabilities for its Cloud services in India by enabling businesses to keep their interactions and data located within the country. The new offering will help the Cloud customer experience and contact centre solutions provider to tap highly regulated industry organisations with strict compliance and security standards — healthcare, financial services, govt, etc having data sovereignty needs.

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Google Pay to give users more control over their data

Google Pay’s next update, likely to be live in a week, will provide users options to decide how their digital payment activity can be used to personalise features within the app. Google will ask users to choose to turn the control on or off when they upgrade to the new version of the pay app. For example, if a user recharges a mobile phone, he/ she will have the choice to choose the activity that can be used to offer him/ her rewards and promotional offers.

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LinkedIn to stop collecting tracking data in the wake of Apple’s anti-tracking changes

LinkedIn has announced that it will stop collecting Identifier for Advertising data on iOS with Apple rolling out its anti-tracking features. The professional social networking platform said, this action is likely to affect  LinkedIn Audience Network, Conversion Tracking and Matched Audiences but there will only be a limited impact on campaign performance. They also added that it would regularly re-evaluate the collection of IDFA data

Ford partners with Google for software, data-enabled services

Ford Motor has joined hands with Google to develop new consumer services and modernise internal operations. The automaker will use Google’s Android OS into its Ford and Lincoln care starting in 2023. The auto-maker will deploy Google AI- tech to improve vehicle development, supply chain and manufacturing operations. Together they will explore uses of data to develop new retail, create new offers and other services for Ford customers.

Why data companies to become more intrusive in 2021

Data firms are likely to creative and intrusive to source data for AI-driven behavioural analytics systems in 2021. This is after users have become aware of personal data safety. Apple, Google and Microsoft are adopting new privacy tech to give users strict privacy guarantees while continuing to make use of data. Apple has clashed with Facebook saying it has to protect its users’ privacy, while FB is wrestling with regulators to implement E2E in its messaging apps.

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50% Indian CIOs see permanent increase in value of data: Druva

50% of Indian IT leaders see a permanent rise in the value of data as firms push for digital transformation, said a report by cloud data protection and management firm Druva. The report said that about 76% said that digital transformation plans have accelerated due to the pandemic, 42% reported an increase in VC attacks, malware (40%), phishing (35%), user error / accidental tampering or deletion (32%) and insider attack (31%).

Data of 533 million Facebook users being sold via Telegram bot

Phone numbers of 533 mn Facebook users are currently being sold via a bot on Telegram, which came from the social network’s vulnerability that was patched in 2019. The person selling the database full of Facebook users’ phone numbers at $20 per number lets customers lookup those numbers by using an automated Telegram bot. The hacker claims to have information on users from the US, Canada, UK, Australia and 15 other countries.

1 lakh Zyxel firewalls, VPN gateways at hacking risk: Report

Researchers have discovered hardcoded admin-level backdoor account in over 1 lakh networking devices manufactured by Taiwan-based company Zyxel that can let cybercriminals access to devices and risk data. The models include many of Zyxel’s top products from business-grade devices usually deployed in private firms and govt networks. Firewalls, VPN gateways and access point controllers have been compromised by the backdoor account.

10 cr Indians’ card data selling on dark web via Bitcoin: Independent Researcher

Rajshekhar Rajaharia, an independent cybersecurity researcher, said that data of nearly 10 cr credit and debit card users of India was being sold on the Dark Web via cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The massive data, according to Rajaharia, has been leaked from a compromised server of payments gateway Juspay. The Bangaluru based firm said that no financial data were compromised during the Aug 2020 cyber-attack and the actual number was much lower than 10 cr.

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