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2G mobile data encryption standard has a security flaw

Cybersecurity researchers have found a flaw in the encryption algorithm used for GPRS or 2G cell phones. This may have allowed hackers to gather information on data traffic for over 20 years. Experts suggest that the flaw in GEA-1 was created intentionally to allow a backdoor for law enforcement agencies. The GEA-1 algorithm was supposed to be removed from smartphones back in 2013 but researchers have found them in android and iOS devices, as well.

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US Supreme Court gives LinkedIn another chance to stop rival from harvesting data

The US Supreme Court has given professional social network LinkedIn another chance to stop rival hiQ Labs from harvesting the personal data of its users. A lower court finding that barred Microsoft-owned company from denying hiQ access to information that LinkedIn members had made publicly available was overturned by the SC judges. The bigger question is whether businesses can use the federal anti-hacking legislation to block competitors from using customer data.

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Google Cloud launches new services to provide real-time insight

Google cloud launched three new ML-based services that will provide real-time data insights to users. The three services: Datastream allows users to replicate databases in real-time. Analytics hub lets users curate, create, and manage analytics exchanges securely and in real-time. Dataplex is a combination of Google cloud and open-source that allows users’ analyze their data at scale. A survey by Gartner found the average cost of poor data quality at $12.8mn per year.

German regulator prohibits WhatsApp to collect, process user data

German data protection regulator Johannes Casper has denied Facebook to collect and process Whatsapp user data. He said it is his job to prevent such black-box procedures. WhatsApp said that the decision was based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the effect and purpose of the new update. Casper has used his executive authorities to put a three-month ban on Facebook-owned WhatsApp. He would also seek an EU-wide ruling at the European Data Protection Board.

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Microsoft to let EU clients process, store data locally 

Microsoft will allow clients — private and public sector — of the EU to process and store data in their region. The tech giant has scheduled to complete the work by end of next year for all of its cloud services — azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365. Microsoft, at present, owns and operates 15 data centers in 13 EU countries. This is a step back from its previous stand where it plans to challenge local govt regulation of not allowing their data to move out of their border.

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Australia finds Google misleading users on data collection

Australia’s federal court found google misleading users of personal location data collected by Android smartphones, the country’s competition regulator said. ACCC said that android phone users were also not informed by Google that turning off location history but leaving the “Web & App Activity” setting ‘on’ would let it continue to collect the data. Google will be penalised by the local regulator, but the amount is not specified yet.

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Genesys launches new cloud capabilities in India to protect data sovereignty

Genesys is launching new capabilities for its Cloud services in India by enabling businesses to keep their interactions and data located within the country. The new offering will help the Cloud customer experience and contact centre solutions provider to tap highly regulated industry organisations with strict compliance and security standards — healthcare, financial services, govt, etc having data sovereignty needs.

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Google Pay to give users more control over their data

Google Pay’s next update, likely to be live in a week, will provide users options to decide how their digital payment activity can be used to personalise features within the app. Google will ask users to choose to turn the control on or off when they upgrade to the new version of the pay app. For example, if a user recharges a mobile phone, he/ she will have the choice to choose the activity that can be used to offer him/ her rewards and promotional offers.

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LinkedIn to stop collecting tracking data in the wake of Apple’s anti-tracking changes

LinkedIn has announced that it will stop collecting Identifier for Advertising data on iOS with Apple rolling out its anti-tracking features. The professional social networking platform said, this action is likely to affect  LinkedIn Audience Network, Conversion Tracking and Matched Audiences but there will only be a limited impact on campaign performance. They also added that it would regularly re-evaluate the collection of IDFA data