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Irish data protection Commission probes TikTok for data handling

Two probes have been initiated by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission, which will look into TikTok’s data handling. The commission is the EU’s main regulator for apps like TikTok and will examine the app’s data protection requirements, while also checking transfers of data by TikTok to China. The Commission has the authority to levy fines of up to 4% of the companies revenues, and the probes go on to show another instance of possible data theft by China.

Source: Techcrunch

Ministry inks pact with tech giants Jio, Cisco, others to modernise agriculture

The Agricultural Ministry has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with Cisco, Ninjacart, Jio Platforms Limited, ITC Limited, and NCDEX e-markets Limited to modernise the agricultural sector by promoting the use of digital technologies. The companies will run pilot projects helping the farmers make informed decisions on what crops to grow, what seed to use, etc. The decision is in line with the central government’s digital agriculture mission.

Source: The Hindu

Report claims Google handed over user data to Hong Kong authorities in 2020

Media reports have claimed that Google handed over some user data to the Hong Kong govt, despite saying that it would never process such requests. The tech giant had announced last year that it will not process any requests for user data unless they came from the US Department of Justice. Google said the requests were signed by a local magistrate, and hence were processed according to company policy, with none containing any user content data.


Singapore telco hacked, with data of 79,400 customers accessed

MyRepublic, a local mobile operator and ISP in Singapore has said that cybercriminals have accessed 79,400 customer’s private data, in their latest cyberattack. The incident was uncovered on 29 August, with data such as ID verification documents, bills, National Registration Identity Card info, and other critical data stolen. The relevant authorities have been notified, including MyRepublic’s cyber incident response team.

Source: Telecom Live

“Windows 11 Alpha” malware attack being used to obtain people’s financial information

Before the official launch of Windows 11 on October 5, Windows-themed malware is tricking people into giving away their financial information. The “Windows 11 Alpha” attacks by activating a malicious code on PCs, using a word document which the users open with some simple steps. This code then steals the financial information. The cybercrime group FIN7 is suspected to be behind the attacks.

Source: Indian Express


China imposes new cross-border data protection law

China has passed a new data protection law regulating the collection, use, and storage of data. It requires organisations to appoint a China-based individual to ensure compliance, with a focus on “national security”. Effective from Nov 1, it will address the “chaos” data has created by the firms collecting data illegally. The law comes amidst increased supervision of the tech industry in China. The country has over 989 mn, online users, by end-2020.

Source: Zdnet

Chinese Huawei spying on Pak nationals to steal sensitive data: Report

A South Asia Press report said that Huawei stole Pakistan’s trade secrets and has been spying on citizens through Business Efficiency Solutions LLC. The data, collected for use by the Pakistani govt was sent to China for research by Huawei. It has since not been returned, and Huawei now has access to sensitive info, the report claimed. China last week hacked Israeli servers along with cyberattacks on Iran, Saudi Arabia for sensitive business information.

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Real-world datasets a struggle for over 80% trained data scientists: Survey

80% of trained data scientists, in a survey, admitted to initial struggle in dealing with real-world data. Real-world data is often massive, non-standard, and disorganized, and data scientists initially struggle to make sense of it, according to a study by upskilling platform Scaler. The research was conducted with over 100 data scientists in the age group of 25-35. 50% of participants also claimed to have difficulty in understanding research papers.

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IBM acquires Bluetab for expanding data, hybrid cloud services

IBM has completed the acquisition of Bluetab solutions group for an undisclosed amount. The tech giant is looking to build its hybrid cloud and data domains in Europe and Latin America.  The transactions are expected to close in Q3 of 2021. Bluetab enables enterprises to make the best out of their data by transforming their on-premise data and analytics infrastructure to hybrid multi-cloud data platforms using tech like Red Hat OpenShift.