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CERT-In issues advisory over Facebook data leak for India users

CERT-In, an advisory, has asked Facebook users of India to secure their personal information shared on the social networking platform and use a privacy setting to regulate public data. This has come after personal data of 533 mn FB users across the globe, including 6.1 mn from India has been leaked online. The exposed data include email, profile ID, name, job occupation, phone numbers and DOB.

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A massive database of 8 billion Thai internet records leaks

Thailand’s largest cell network AIS, during a scheduled test in May, exposed a database containing DNS queries and Netflow data that could reveal the real-time information of users. After alerting AIS, security researcher Justin Paine reported the open database to ThaiCERT which resulted in its inaccessibility later. DNS queries, though don’t contain passwords or messages, can reveal users’ search history and other info. 

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