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DDoS hacking attempts drop in Q1 2021, says Kaspersky

A Kaspersky DDoS Prevention report said that in the Q1 of 2021, the DDoS attack witnessed a drop of 29 % when compared to Q1 of 2020. However, a 47 % increase is seen in the Q4 of 2020. The growth is due to the abnormal spike in Jan which accounted for 43 % of the total number of attacks in the three months, the rest of the two months remained normal. The report painted the overall  DDoS situation as stable.

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Cloudflare’s new authentication system aims to remove Captcha

Web infrastructure provider Cloudflare has revealed a method to remove Captchas from the internet. Cloudflare, known for securing websites from DDoS attacks, will use USB security keys to remove captcha using a method called Cryptographic Attestation of Personhood. The new method relies on Web Authentication Attestation. The method is tested with a few keys and the system will not take more than five seconds to beat, with a maximum of three clicks at a time.

Hackers target cryptocurrencies, DDoS attacks on decline

The growing interest in cryptocurrency has led cybercriminals to apply their knowledge to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum. There were only 10% more attacks than in Q4 2020 YoY. However, there was a drop of 31% in attacks in the period against Q3 2020, according to Kaspersky. Due to the surge in cryptocurrency costs, some botnets might have been reprofiled by cybercriminals so that the C&C servers used in DDoS attacks could be used to mine cryptocurrencies.

Citrix hit by DDoS cyberattack, says working on a fix

Citrix has been hit by a DDoS cyberattack. The company said it is investigating the impact of the attack it may have on its apps delivery controller devices. ADC is the most comprehensive app delivery and load balancing solution for security and visibility. Online gaming services, such as Steam and Xbox, were the most impacted among its clients which was first detected and documented by German IT systems administrator Marco Hofmann.

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DDoS attack on Delhi govt’s HSRP Website

Delhi govt’s transport department website for high-security registration plates or colour coded fuel stickers was hacked on Wednesday. HSRP manufacturer said that a DDoS attempt was observed on and its domain name IP was mapped for compromise by unauthorised attempt through international traffic with virtual multiple counts hitting the domain creating false overloading of high volume traffic. No data breach has happened in this event, the manufacturer claimed.

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Millions of bad bots attacks on e-com sites detected during festival season

Cloud-enabled cybersecurity firm Barracuda Networks have detected millions of bad bots attacks on e-com sites during the festive month of November. These attacks were an attempt by cybercriminals to run DDoS attacks, make fraudulent purchases, and scan for vulnerabilities they can exploit. With the holiday season expected to continue till the New Year, more such attacks on e-com sites are likely, Barracuda Networks warned.

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PUBG Mobile hit by DDoS attacks globally

PUBG Mobile was hit by DDoS attacks leading to several players getting disconnected from the game worldwide. The developer acknowledged the issue and said that its teams were actively working to resolve the attack. PUBG Mobile was one of the most popular battle royale games in India, before the centre banned it on 2nd Sept 2020. The S Korean developer has been trying to get the ban revoked whereas the govt officials say that they are in no hurry to do so.

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DDoS attacks again on rise after witnessing a dip in July

The frequency of DDoS attacks in India saw a steady increase from January till June this year, followed by a dip in July. But the attacks were up again in August, with total DDoS packets exceeding 10 billion, as per a study by global cyber security firm Radware. Web apps of hi-tech firms (33%), banking and finance (33%), government (17%), and transportation (17%), were the most heavily targeted during Jul-Aug period.

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How Mashreq Bank is controlling Phishing, DDoS attacks using technology

Mashreq Bank, despite having a strong internal security measure, continued to face several phishing attacks and a few DDoS attacks. They launched an AI, ML-based Enterprise fraud management system that covers transactions from all bank channels and derives customer transaction patterns. It then sends out early warning signals. The bank has also put in place real-time payment tracking that lets customers see where their money is during a transaction.

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