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Banks need to hire CRO to deal with cybercrimes: Report

The banking industry needs to upgrade IT infrastructure and appoint experienced CRO or chief risk officers to effectively deal with cybercrimes, said Deloitte India. In the report titled “Digitising the post COVID world: The ‘3I’ approach”  Deloitte said nearly 22 % of cybersecurity attacks in India between 2018-19 were on the banks. These institutions have to prioritise and invest in cybersecurity to create an agile and robot IT infrastructure, the Deloitte India report said further.

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AWS, Deloitte joins hand to accelerate cloud adoption, digitisation

Deloitte has opened an ‘AWS Cloud Garage” to bring together AWS Cloud tech services and capabilities along with Deloitte’s sectoral expertise. The Garage will help an organisation’s Cloud adoption journey by brainstorming sessions and making them understand how an innovative idea can generate tangible business benefits. Other expertise available include app development, IoT solutions, AI-ML services, cyber-security,  data analytics, etc.

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Technical challenges holding back IoT adoption in India: Deloitte report

A report by Deloitte revealed that IoT adoption in India is still in niche stage Tech challenges like connectivity, compatibility, interoperability and cybersecurity are holding back IoT adoption. A lot of firms, worrying about RoI, do not invest in this crucial tech of Industry 4.0. However, Deloitte suggests firms to invest in such techs during the time of downturns (like this one) as it helps in leapfrogging competition after the recession subsides.

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Deloitte India announces the acquisition plan of UK’s Keytree

Deloitte announced its plan to acquire Keytree – UK-based tech consultancy firm with offices in India, Spain, Australia and Canada. It provides digital transformation services in new-age techs like data analytics, cloud and robotics. This deal will combine Deloitte and Keytree’s capabilities to create the largest SAP-enabled transformation practice in the UK and in Europe. Also, enabling Deloitte to grow its client support and digital transformation services.

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