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Tag: Digital transformtion (page 2 of 3)

Coronavirus pandemic increased adoption of digitisation in Agri sector

The adoption of digital rural products and payments have accelerated since the onset of the pandemic, as per Omnivore’s report. Intermediary reduction and tech-enabled payments are the prime boosters of digitization. Investment in horticulture, dairy, poultry etc are much-needed. Robots, automation and other techs will take over manual tasks, making agriculture more gender diverse. Tech-adoption will increase transparency between farmer and customer.

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How technology is helping Rebel Foods predict accurate inventory needs

Rebel Foods has collected and stored the past 5 years of data on customer orders, queries etc from 35 cities in the country and also from other cities in the world. This data is analysed by data science ML algorithms that forecast orders on the basis of customers’ behavioural patterns. Already predicted orders help the kitchen staff identify the required inventory thereby minimizing food wastage. They have achieved 90% accuracy in demand and order forecasting.

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How technology can and may change the world post-COVID

1. Collaboration tools like Teams, Zoom etc will ensure professional and personal connectivity. 2. Cloud platforms – public, private, hybrid – will enable the remote accessibility of data. 3. No-touch environment will be facilitated by drones, robotics, automation. 4. AR/VR-led sales platform will enable remote selling. 5. Surveillance tools, facial recognition, contact tracing apps will ensure social distancing compliance. 6. Virtual learning.

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How SBI’s digital strategy maintains customer satisfaction during pandemic

1. Contingency sites were set up as soon as pandemic-probability of COVID-19 was in talks. 2. Alternate sites to ensure smooth transactions, alternate centres for better customer services were set up. 3. Depending on the digitisation capacity of tasks, WFH will be replaced with work-from-anywhere (WFA). 4. VSATs ensure connectivity even in remote areas. 5. Banking apps are tested on 64kbps/VSAT line. 6. Network connections from 2 different operators for backup.

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Digital Revolution 4.0: use of new-age technology in construction industry

1. Design, construction management software like AUTOCAD, REVIT, 3D Civil etc. 2. UAV, drones for 3D image conversion; LIDAR for earth surface examination in surveying. 3. ICT-based automation for off-site manufacturing. AI-based traffic monitoring systems integrated with Intelligent Transport System for traffic management. 4. IoT-based cloud sensors for analysing bridges’ target load. 5. Image recognition can detect cracks in concrete structures.

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How Manappuram Finance is using tech for business

Manappuram Finance uses customer analysis tools to identify low-risk customers. Technology enhances their customer expansion, retention, engagement. Automated bots keep operating costs in check. Early adoption of cloud (Oracle), robotics, IoT prepared them for remote working; continuous productivity was also ensured. Cutting-edge tech covers most of the investments. Future plans involve digital gold purity identification tool-development.

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For Evalueserve COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity to expand digitally

While the economy is drastically falling amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Evalueserve regards it as an opportunity for digital expansion. The right investment in technology post-COVID-19 era can yield maximum benefits to the firms. Also, with notable changes in companies’ budget, automation, cloud, cybersecurity, and remote working tools will top the investment lists. An in-place strong business continuity plan will ensure proactive problem-solving approach.

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How insurers are using digitisation for reaping benefits

1. Onboarding remote customers digitally using OTP verification system. 2. Integrating WhatsApp with chatbots to ease claim intimation and customer services. 3. Training sales force via video conferencing to provide digital advisory regarding the best-suited products for the customers. 4. Adopting cloud-based platforms for cost optimization by implementing server-less architecture. 5. Using data analytics to predict risks before onboarding a customer.

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COVID-19 changed tech priorities of 95% of organisations

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the tech priorities of over 95% of the organisations, said a survey conducted by AppDynamics. Digital projects have become the top priority and were pushed in a few weeks by 71% of the organisations. Digital customer experience became the top priority. 75% of the participants are worried about the longer-term impact of forced digital transformation. Over 1,000 IT decision-makers participated in the survey.

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