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Microsoft survey says more than 50% of India’s digital workforce feels overworked

Microsoft, in a report, said almost 75% of Indian workers are looking forward to having remote work options, while 57% feel they are overworked. 73% want more face-to-face time with their team and for this 73% of businesses are considering redesigning their workspaces. 62% feel their companies ask too much from them while 13% are of the opinion their employer does not care about their work-life balance. 32% feel exhausted. 62% of the office meetings are unscheduled.

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India will require 9x the digital skilled workers by 2025

An AWS report said that the number of digital skilled workers in India will need to increase by 9X by 2025 owing to digital transformation. At present, 12% of the country’s workforce comprises these workers. 76% of the digital workers will be expected to be skilled in cloud computing to perform jobs proficiently by 2025. To keep up with technological advancements and demand, a total of 3.9 bn digital skill training from 2020 to 2025 will be required in the country.

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