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Amazon is back online after many users face an outage

Downdetector found on Wednesday that multiple users faced outages on Alexa and amazon prime, which were restored later on. 6200+ users reported problems with Amazon’s shopping site, 1700+ users faced issues with prime video while 400 users with Alexa. In a little over an hour, the reports dropped to double digits. The reasons behind the outages are still unclear and Amazon has denied any comments.

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Now Google Docs is down

Google Docs is facing outage across the globe which started at around 7 PM IST. Users started posting on Twitter that they were unable to create new Docs via the web or the mobile app. Though they were able to sign in to the web interface at As per Downdetector, the partial outage has affected docs users across the globe, with a small spike was reported between 8 to 9 pm IST.

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Twitter suffers an outage, uses face issue with loading, DMs

Twitter faced an outage on Monday. Thousands of users reported problems in loading the app and the inability to send direct messages. Over 15,000 users reported problems with Twitter on the app outage tracking website Downdetector. The issue impacted the website, along with both Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps in the US, the UK, and few other parts of the world. In the US the outage was limited to the users along the east coast and parts of the Midwest.

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Zoom recovers from hour-long Outage

Zoom Video Communications, the video-conferencing platform, is finally up and running after an hour-long outage which resulted in users being unable to join meetings on Wednesday. Downdetector, an outage tracking website showed that nearly 2,000 people reported the issue with Zoom. The company said, the glitch was most likely due to a localised internet service issue and announced that all the systems were now operational on its status Page.

Reddit faces outage after heavy trading in GameStop

Reddit reported an hour-long outage affecting thousands of users. Over 52,000 reports of people facing issues with the platform were reported by Downdetector. The outage happened as instability returned to stocks including GameStop and AMC that was at the centre of a slugfest between retail traders and Wall Street. The social platform is now more famous for its day-trading forum where individual traders recently triggered a rally in many shorted stocks.

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Google’s Gmail service suffers outage on Tuesday as well 

Gmail connectivity issues affected a “significant subset” of users on Tuesday.  Google said service had been restored for all users at 6:51 p.m. New York time on Tuesday. The problem was first reported at 4:29 pm, according to its status page. More than 17,000 users had reported Gmail issues to the website DownDetector. Google services, including YouTube and  Gmail suffered major global outages on Monday for over 45 min due to an internal storage quota issue.

Twitter users complain of not being able to refresh tweets

Twitter was down on Wednesday evening as it was not responding for several users across the world. Tweeples in India and and South Asia were unable to refresh tweets. Over 2,200 users had reported the issue on The cause of the outage is not known yet. Earlier, Twitter, on 16 Oct, was down due to the changes it had made into its internal systems. In July, some high profile Twitter accounts was hacked in what seems to be a cryptocurrency scam.

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Twitter confirms partial outage

Twitter users around the world reported some short partial outages, with the platform not displaying certain tweets or not able to retrieve any at all. DownDetector’s map indicated severe outages were concentrated in Japan, with Europe, India and the US reporting retrieval issues. The microblogging company confirmed it had an issue. While the outage was minor, it is imperative to note that tech giants have been facing them lately.

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Microsoft Outlook faces global outage

Microsoft’s Outlook services are down for users in India, Europe, and the US due to some of the changes made to its service. DownDetector said that the service interruption began at around 10 AM IST this morning. Majority of the users reported facing issues with logging in while some users also faced issues with the website and receiving messages. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue; cautioned users of facing problems with various Exchange Online Protocols.

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