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How Gaia’s AI-based workforce management solutions are being used in hospitals

1. Data analytics helps in analysing patient’s health over time, thereby attributing it to the quality of work done by the hospital staff. 2. Real-time location tracking tool for staff and assets helps hospitals to know their availability. 3. The AI-enabled tool helps in daily task allocation. 4. IoT tech helps in monitoring critical systems and spaces. 5. Hygiene monitoring tool ensures sanitation in the hospital.

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COVID-19 impact: 500% hike in online healthcare consultation

5 cr Indians used online doctor consultation in the last three months due to the spread of novel coronavirus. Among them 80% were first-time users, 44% of users were from non-metro cities. 51% consultations were for GP, gynaecology, dermatology. Mental health, ENT, paediatrics etc were also queried. COVID-19 related consultations topped the list with a 200% rise in queries among which 50% showed symptoms.

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How is Practo’s telemedicine platform working during COVID-19 era?

1. 200% growth in basic sickness queries and 500% growth in overall telemedicine calls. (age group 25-40 years). 2. 250%, 300%, 200% growth in gynaecology, paediatrics, psychiatry related queries respectively. 3. Tier 2 (Jaipur, Indore etc.) and Tier 3 cities are topping the consults’ list.
4. Ensuring 24*7 doctor accessibility over patients’ phones. With the current level of acceptance, they presume telemedicine to be widely popular in the near future.

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