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Flipkart announces Voice Search feature with Hindi, English support

Flipkart had extended the Voice Search feature from grocery service to its e-com platform in both English and Hindi languages. The company said the objective was to help new users understand who are mostly from non-metro/tier 1 cities. For sellers, the functionality will allow them to make in-roads to a larger market. It has deployed multiple capabilities such as Automatic Speech Recognition, NLP, and Text-to-Speech for Indian languages etc.

How ELSA is using AI, speech recognition to help people learn English

ELSA’s mobile app uses proprietary voice recognition and irreplicable AI to focusses on pronunciation and accent reduction. It can identify exact errors and generates instant automated feedbacks using deep learning-based speech recognition tech. As it gathers more data, its refinement of language processing improves. The app has over 40 dialects and the number will increase to 100 in the next one year. NLP helps it guide users with 95% accuracy.

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