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Ethereum breaks $3,000 barrier as value quadruple in 2021

Cryptocurrency Ether, the token transacted on the ethereum blockchain, witnessed a 3% rise on the Bitstamp exchange to touch $3,144 to set a new record. The present value of the digital currency has jumped 325% higher in the year so far, outgrowing a 95% rise of bitcoin. Both Ether and Bitcoin soared over 100% this year and hit a 2.5-year high on the last Sunday. The rise in Ether highlights the fact that investors are diversifying their exposure.

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Paytm Mall sends legal notice to Cyble on hacking claim

Paytm Mall has sent a legal notice to Cyble for its blogpost of 30 August, which claimed that it was hacked by a cybercrime group ‘John Wick’ and had unrestricted access to the entire database. The blog post went on to say that the hacker had demanded a ransom of 10 Ethereum ($4,000) from the Paytm Mall. In the legal notice, PayTM mall has asked Cyble to issue a public statememt stating that the post was incorrect and has given Cyble a week to comply.

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