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Tag: ethical hacking (page 1 of 1)

Ethical Hackers are in demand as 5G approaches

Ethical hackers demand surged as superfast 5G connection rolled out. The rise in SmartTVs and home appliances has even posed digital security threat at home also. Companies are offering “Bounty Programs” for ethical hackers to successfully attack their cybersecurity system, identifying vulnerabilities. The largest bounty platform, HackerOne paid a whopping reward of $44 million in cash to 800,000 hackers, 87% more than last year.

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How hacking-as-a-Service can make anybody a cybercriminal

Hacking-as-a-service has always been popular in the dark web but now it is openly available. It enables anybody to cause a cyberattack; practically making everybody a cybercriminal. Websites list hackers as per their skills and anybody can hire them based on their requirement and budget. Phishing, DDoS, call blocking, social media hacking, malware distribution are a few commonly asked services. Firms use HaaS to test their security networks (ethical hacking).

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