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Huawei aims to build driverless car tech in next 4 years

Chinese telecommunication equipment makes Huawei aims to build driverless car tech by 2025. The transportation industry in China is going to be flooded with a ton of changes as multiple automakers and large technology firms like Baidu are working to build self-driving tech. After the new rules set in by the previous Trump administration, Huawei’s smartphone business took a beating, and now it has shifted to smart electric vehicles.

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Japan to increase funding to promote local chip production

Japan, as per the newspaper Nikki report, is to increase investment to speed up local production of advanced semiconductors and batteries. Under the draft growth blueprint set to be finalized earliest by June, Japan also plans to promote large-scale funds to develop batteries for electric cars. The government plans to increase its current 200 bn-yen funds for the program. Japan aims to have 40% of the global market share in next-gen power semiconductors in 10 years.

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Mercedes hots up EV race with flagship electric car

Daimler AG unveiled the electric “sibling” of the flagship Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury sedan. The EQS is the first from the house of Mercedes-Benz cars built on a dedicated EV platform indigenously built by the carmaker. The EV model will be up on sale in Europe and the US starting from Aug. followed by China in Jan. Sales of EV and plug-in hybrid cars in the EU has increased 3X to 1mn vehicles in 2020, cornering10% of the overall market size.

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Hyundai powers EV race with car battery that can run electronics

Hyundai’s electric car Ioniq 5 has bi-directional charging, which allows owners to power electronic devices from the car battery. Conventional car batteries can be used to charge laptops and smartphones only and drain quickly if plugged into anything more powerful — portable fridge, sound system etc. The car comes with the option to install a solar-panel roof to charge the battery, giving the EV an additional driving range of about 1,300 km annually.

Xiaomi plans to invest $10 bn into EVs, Co-founder Lei Jun to lead department

Xiaomi to invest about $10 bn over the next 10 years in the manufacturing of electric cars. The billionaire co-founder of Xiaomi Lei Jun will lead the new standalone vertical and spearhead the smartphone manufacture’s entry into the huge but unfamiliar and competitive territory. Initially, Xiaomi will invest $1.5 bn in the manufacturing of smart vehicle and ramp it up rapidly in the years to come. Xiaomi’s stock rose 6.1% Wednesday in Hong Kong.

Xiaomi to make EVs using Great Wall’s plant: Reports

Xiaomi plans to make Electric vehicles by using Great Wall Motor’s factory in China, The China-based firm has become the latest entry of a tech company into the smart mobility race. Xiaomi, one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacture, is in the final rounds of talks with the Great Wall, which will provide engineering consultancy to accelerate the project, to make EVs under its own brand name. Great Wall, in the past, has never offered manufacturing services to other firms.

Hyundai is in early talks with Apple, shares surge 7 years high

Hyundai is in early talks with Apple to cooperate on EV and batteries. The news made Hyundai’s shares surge 24% to hit seven years high. “Apple and Hyundai are in discussions but they are at an early stage and nothing has been decided,” Hyundai said in a statement. Details about the talks with Apple were not disclosed. The two companies work together on CarPlay, Apple’s software for connecting iPhones to vehicles from a variety of automakers.

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