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Pakistan blocks social media platforms for few hours on Friday

Pakistan has blocked social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Telegram from 11 am to 3 pm local time on Friday. The move has come at a time when the Islamic nation wants a crackdown against the terrorist group and prevent troublemakers from disrupting Friday prayers congregations. The order which expired at 3 pm local time, however, may last longer, similar past moves by the govt suggests that.

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Facebook’s latest experiment is video- speed dating app ‘Sparked’

Facebook is testing a new video speed-dating app called ‘Sparked’. Developed by FB’s experimental app team, NPE, the app is different from Facebook Dating. Sparked has a dedicated website, which isn’t available in India. The new dating app, unlike the competition, is a video chatting platform that lasts for four min and can be extended to 10 if “you both have a great time.” The users, later, will be able to contact each other via Instagram, iMessage or email.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s security costs Facebook  $23 mn

Facebook has spent $23 mn on the security of Mark Zuckerberg in the last financial year. Around $13.4 mn was spent on the security of his residences and while $ 10.4 mn during the pr security of Zuckerberg during travel. The security costs,  as per the filing, comprised mostly of the $23 mn that the Facebook CEO received in 2020 in the form of compensations.  Zuckerberg got an additional $10 mn pre-tax allowance to cover additional security costs.

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University study says Facebook’s ads tools are gender bias

A new University research claimed that Facebook targeted an Instacart delivery job ad to a female-heavy audience while a Domino’s Pizza delivery job ad to a male-heavy viewership. This is because most of the Instacart drivers are female, while Domino’s is popular among men, said the study published by the University of Southern California. LinkedIn, on the other hand, showed the ads for delivery jobs at Domino’s to the same proportion of women as it did the Instacart ad.

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Facebook suspends 16,000 accounts for trading fake reviews

Facebook suspended 16,000 accounts trading fake reviews of products and services. The social network took the step under the pressure of Britain’s competition watchdog, which intervened for the second time. It also made changes to detect, remove and prevent misleading paid content, including on Instagram. Competition and Markets Authority began a crackdown after it found evidence of a growing marketplace for misleading reviews on internet platforms.

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Instagram, Facebook suffers a brief outage

Facebook and Instagram suffered a temporary outage on Thursday across the globe. During the outage, users were not able to send or receive messages for a brief period. Many users saw a message “Sorry, something went wrong” and on the app under news and groups, a message said the pages weren’t available and that it “maybe because of technical error that we’re trying to get fixed.” Both platforms were back online after a little while.

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RIL lead consortium to offer global payments play via NUE

RIL’s proposed New Umbrella Entity or NUE for payments services, comprising of Infibeam Avenue, Google and Facebook, aims to become a global payments player, said an Economic Times report. The consortium intends to offer payment services in the overseas market will pit it against Visa and Mastercard. RIL will own 40 % of the NUE So Hum Bharat, while the rest of the three players will own around 20 % each.

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533 mn Facebook users personal data have been leaked online

A hacking group has published personal data of 533 mn Facebook users for free online. The data includes users from 106 countries, including the USA (32 mn), United Kingdom (11 mn), and India (6 mn). The published data include users mobile numbers, FB IDs,  names, locations, DOB, bios, and – in few cases – email ID. A Facebook spokesperson said that data was scraped in 2019 following a vulnerability that the social network has patched.

Facebook’s Chief Revenue Officer David Fischer to depart

Facebook’s Chief Revenue Officer David Fischer has decided to part ways with the social network. Fischer, among the highest-ranking official under COO Sheryl Sandberg, is responsible for advertising and marketing efforts for business products. He was also involved in some of the large deals, including a $5.7 bn investment in Jio Platforms. Fischer joined FB in 2010 after working alongside Sandberg at Google. Both of them have worked together at the USA Treasury Department, as well.

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