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 APT group hacks local govt office, FBI issues a warning

An APT group attacked a local govt office using Fortinet vulnerabilities. The FBI didn’t name the office but has issued a warning as Fortinet’s vulnerabilities being exploited by cybercriminals. APT actors created an account by the name of ‘elie’ to increase activity on networks. In April FBI had warned that the ports 4443, 8443, and 10443 for Fortinet FortiOS CVE-2018-13379, and enumerated devices for FortiOS CVE-2020- 12812 and FortiOS CVE-2019-5591, had been compromised.

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50% firms lack OT security tools: Fortinet OT Cybersecurity report

90% of firms, reportedly, experienced at least one intrusion in the past year; whereas 72% and 26% experienced at least three and six intrusions respectively. These attacks resulted in affected productivity for 51% of respondents, operational outages for 37%, risked physical safety for 39%. Malware (60%), phishing (43%), hacks (39%), ransomware (37%), DDoS (27%), insider breaches (18%) were frequently-occurred attacks. 50% of firms lack security protocols, tools.

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