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150 game developers fired, after closing of Google’s Stadia division

About 150 game developers, hired by Google to make video games for its cloud streaming service, Stadia, have been laid off. This took place after the announcement made by Google to shut down its Stadia Games and Entertainment division earlier this month, just nearly two years of its launch. The creation of high-calibre video games was costly, and the process was too complicated. Stadia’s subscription wasn’t great either.

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Nvidia sales surge, gaming chips to remain in tight supply

The forecast for the Q1 revenue of Nvidia is excellent owing to the high demand for its gaming chips which remains in tight supply. CFO Colette Kress said, cryptocurrency mining has contributed approx. between $100 mn and $300 mn in sales in Q4. Nvidia also plans to start shipping software with gaming chips that slow down the ability to mine some currencies and later release a mining-specific chip, to discourage miners from using gaming chips.

AR/VR spending to grow CAGR of 47.7% to reach $28.8 bn by 2024

The spending on AR/VR would grow at a CAGR of 47.7% to reach $28.8 bn by 2024, according to IDC. China will have the largest AR/VR spending in the Asia/Pacific region having a 90% share in 2020. The use of AR/VR in Edu, retail and discrete manufacturing accounts for 50% of the commercial sector in 2020. VR games are the leading users with more than one-third of AR/VR tech market in 2020. This is followed by training and video/feature viewing (VR) use cases.

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Microsoft launches the third cloud R&D centre in India

Microsoft is building the right cloud infrastructure for enterprises across the globe using its R&D centres in India. The centres are driving three areas of research — right Cloud infrastructure, productivity for enterprises and education, and collaboration and productivity. On Thursday, it has announced the launch of a new centre in the NCR, third after Bengaluru and Hyderabad. This will be Microsofts first R&D centre on the gaming business in India.

Dangal Games raised $1 mn in Series A round

Dangal Games, an Indian online skill-based gaming platform has raised $1 mn in Series A round. The company would use funds to expand the business and become the leading player in the skill-based gaming sector. ” The fund would be used to diversify the product portfolio and tech capabilities of the business”, said Varun Mahna, founder and CEO of Dangal Games. It currently offers Poker Dangal and Rummy Danga and plans to add fantasy games ahead of IPL 2021.

Microsoft’s online game services hit by the outage on Xbox debut

Microsoft’s core services for its Xbox Live online gaming network suffered almost an hour-long outage on the day it introduced new game consoles. The outage which was reported after 10 in the morning in Redmond, Washington, prevented gamers from signing in to Xbox Live, Microsoft said. The issue was fixed a little over an hour later, but it was an inauspicious start for the new consoles from Microsoft of Xbox Series S and X.

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PUBG to terminate access for users in India on Oct 30

PUBG Mobile will terminate all service and access for users in India on Oct 30. Almost, two months after the govt banned the game in India citing cybersecurity concerns. Unlike other banned apps that became unavailable within days or hours, PUBG Mobile apps remained accessible to users who already had them installed. In fact, PUBG Mobile had retained over 90% of its 50 mn MAU in the country, a media report had said.

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Cloud gaming is an opportunity worth $150B for 5G network providers

A study by Ribbon Communications outlines a $150B incremental opportunity in cloud gaming for 5G network providers. Results – based on responses from 5k gamers in 5 countries – show that gamers know of the arrival of 5G and how it can enhance gaming experience such as latency control. 79% would consider replacing home broadband with 5G mobile connectivity; 95% are willing to pay more for better gaming experience; 58% would even switch to the competition.

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Online learning and gaming raises PC sales by 50%: Lenovo India

PC maker Lenovo said that the demand for PCs grew by 40-50% in the last two months compared to the year-ago period. Also, the contribution of gaming PCs to its consumer segment may also double this year. Online learning is driving the sales of laptops. Students want devices with high computational power that can be used for gaming as well as learning. Hence, Lenovo launched 3 PCs – Legion 7i, Legion 5Pi, Legion 5i – that can meet their requirements.

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