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IT spending in India to reach $93 bn in 2021, says Gartner

India’s IT spending in 2021 will hit $93 bn, a 7.3 % rise from 2020, said Gartner. However, India’s growth will be lower than the global average as worldwide IT spending touch $4.1 tril, an 8.4% increase from 2020. “IT no longer just supports corporate operations as it traditionally has, but is fully participating in business value delivery,” said John-David Lovelock, Research VP at Gartner. The highest growth will come from devices (14%) and enterprise software (10.8%).

55% CIOs to hire full-time techies for digital push: Gartner

Around 55% of the CIOs plan to increase the total number of full-time employees in their team to push digital initiatives throughout 2021, said research firm Gartner. Positions will be opened for the techies having experience in the areas of automation, cloud, analytics platforms, and support for remote work. The need to accelerate digital initiatives, by a large margin, will drive talent acquisition, followed by automation and rising cloud adoption.

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Enterprise infosec, risk management spending in India $2.08 bn in 2021: Gartner

Enterprises and end-users will spend $2.08 bn in 2021 on information security and risk management. An increase of 9.5% from 2020, said Gartner. “The overnight move to WFH in reaction to the pandemic exposed organisations’ vulnerabilities,” said Prateek Bhajanka, senior principal research analyst at Gartner. “While security leaders had to cut down on their security spending in 2020 because of IT budget-cuts, in 2021, this trend is reversing,” he added.

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AI, Data analytics will drive over 75% of investment decisions by 2025: Gartner

A Gartner report said that over 2/3 of early-stage investment decisions will be driven by AI and data analytics by 2025. The report said that investors, equipped with AI and data analytics, will be a common sight in the next 4-5 years. AI and data-driven models will help the investors in identifying the viability, strategy and potential result of the investment, based on the trends of past investments, revenue growth, market penetration, etc.

India’ govt IT spending to grow by 9.4% in 2021 to $7.3bn

India’s government IT spending in India is set to total $7.3 bn in 2021 which is a growth of 9.4 % from 2020. Apeksha Kaushik, Principal Research Analyst at Gartner, said that application, infrastructure, and vertical-specific software, will experience the strongest growth in 2021. She added that the adoption of AI, cloud services and blockchain will be major focus areas for the Indian government while focusing on ethics and privacy.

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Infrastructure software revenue in India to grow 12% in 2021: Gartner

Infrastructure software revenue in India is expected to hit $4.6 bn in 2021, a 12% rise from 2020, said Gartner. All the segments are expected to return to positive growth this year, security software is expected to have the strongest growth at 20% as security-as-a-service offerings, detection and response capabilities improve. Data integration tools and data quality tools segment is predicted to grow at over 18% in 2021 due to the rapid cloud adoption.

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Gartner says 40% of boards to have cybersecurity committee by 2025

Around 40 % of the boards of directors will have a dedicated cybersecurity committee comprising of a qualified board member by 2025, up from below 10% now, Gartner said. The research firm says that cybersecurity-related risk is rated as the second-highest source of risk for an enterprise, following regulatory compliance risk. By 2024, Gartner said, 60 % of CISOs will have critical partnerships with executives in sales, finance, and marketing, up below 20 % today.

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India IT spending to grow 6.8% in 2021: Gartner 

India IT spending is projected to total $88.8 bn in 2021, an increase of 6.8% from 2020, according to Gartner. In 2020, India IT spending declined 2.7% in 2020 as CIOs prioritised spending on “mission-critical” technology and services. Worldwide IT spending will total $3.9 tril in 2021, an increase of 6.2% from 2020. Gartner forecasts global IT spending related to remote work will total $332.9 billion in 2021, an increase of 4.9% from 2020.

Public cloud spending to grow to $4.1 bn in 2021 says, Gartner

End-user spending on public cloud services in India will touch $4.1 bn in 2021, a rise of 29.4% from 2020, predicted Gartner. In 2021, spending on managed services and cloud infrastructure will make up to 8% of India’s total IT spend. The low cost of entry provided by public cloud services will influence Indian CIOs to increase spending on the tech. SaaS is projected to be the largest segment in the public cloud services market in 2021, while IaaS will grow the fastest at 44.6%.

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