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Bengaluru is the highest paying city; new-age tech jobs top-earning: Survey

Golang, C# (C-Sharp), specialisation in Hadoop and ML jobs are the top-paying profiles earning Rs 24-35 lakh per annum, as per a Randstad study. These jobs saw an avg rise of 25-30% in salaries between 2019 and 2020. Bengaluru is the highest paying metropolis across the junior, mid and senior-levels with an avg salary of 16-20% higher than peers. IT and Internet and e-commerce top the list in terms of the industry pay package.

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Golang cryptominor with possible Chinese origin spotted

Researchers found a Golang cryptominor targeting Windows, Linux PCs. They recognized seven IP addresses out of China. Hence, the attack was either originated in China or was routed through Chinese servers to hide its actual location. Golang attack targets web app frameworks, app servers, non-HTTPS services etc. It also exploits system’s security vulnerabilities. Post-Infiltration, it installs malicious files on the system for cryptominors to act.  

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