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Google Cloud appoints Anil Bhansali as VP-engineering

Google has appointed Anil Bhansali as VP-engineering for its Cloud division in India. His last stint was with Microsoft India as a Corporate VP of Azure cloud division and site leader for R&D team. Bhansali, in his almost three decades career at Microsoft, has led engineering efforts across the company’s Office, Search, and Windows divisions. In his new role, he will be responsible for the software development efforts of Google’s cloud business.

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Here are the top 6 big data cloud storage providers

1) Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3): ¬†used by millions of organisations 2) Microsoft Azure Data Lake: designed to handle complex data needs of organisations 3) Google Cloud Storage: designed to handle exabytes of data 4) Oracle Cloud service: flexible, scalable storage, cloud-based analytics, data processing services 5) IBM cloud: data lake solutions as per needs 6) Alibaba Cloud: range of analytics, security, and AI tools like the Big3.

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