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Google to show reason for search results

Search results have a lot of information attached to them, Google recently revealed that data to show its users why they got the recommendations including the ‘matching keywords’ and ‘related terms’ as well as other pages that are nearby the local area. Initially, the feature was launched in February with the aim to help users find better results. With the update, Google devs have built a robust and interactive page.

Google help Apple, Microsoft to fix Zero-day bugs

Google has uncovered four zero-day bugs in browsers of Apple, Microsoft, and their own Chrome that may put users’ data at risk. Quick action was taken and the bugs were fixed by the three tech firms. The H1 2021 has seen 33 zero-day bugs being discovered, 11 more than the entire year of 2020. Google said the increase in numbers was due to the improved rate of detection of zero-day bugs, which can enable it to protect users better.

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Google to launch second cloud region in India

Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Thomas Kurain, CEO of Google Cloud will announce the launch of a second GCP region in India in Delhi-NCR region on July 15. Availability of network will be improved while the latency will be reduced to enable companies to speed up their digital transformation. Last year Sundar Pichai committed $10bn towards helping India go digital, while Kurain said Google cloud is opening many more GCP regions and India is on its priority list.

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Google to acquire Japanese digital payment firm Pring 

Google is looking to expand its reach in Japan’s cashless market as it has agreed to acquire digital payments firm Pring. A combined 87 % of Pring will be sold by the company’s top three shareholders – Metaps, Miroku Jyoho Service, and Nippon Gas. Metaps said it is selling its 45% stake for 4.9 bn yen. Google Pay has been operating in Japan since 2016. Japanese people have been encouraged by firms like Rakuten and Softbank group to go cashless.

Google has been fined 500mn euros by France over copyright issues

French antitrust watchdog has fined Google with 500mn euros for failing to comply fully with temporary orders the regulator had given in a row with the country’s news publishers. In the next two months, Google either comes up with how to compensate news agencies or pay fines of 900,000 euros per day. Major news publishers APIG, SEPM, and AFP accuse the tech company of not discussing the monetization of news content online.

Facebook, Twitter, Google faces lawsuit from Trump over account bans

Former US President Donald Trump has sued Facebook, Twitter and Google, and its CEOs for blocking his accounts. He filed three separate class-action lawsuits in federal court in Florida as a move to defend First Amendment rights. The tech giants blocked his accounts on concerns over his role in stoking the mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6. NetChoice CEO Steve DelBianco said, “President Trump has no case”.

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Google, Facebook release first compliance reports under the new IT rules

Google, Facebook, and Instagram were praised by IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad after they released their first compliance report on the voluntary removal of offensive posts as per the new IT rules. He termed it as a big step towards transparency. Facebook took action against 30 mn posts, Instagram against 2mn, Google removed over 59,000 posts and Koo removed over 27,000 posts after receiving various reports.

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130 nations support global tax deal

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development said 130 nations have agreed with the new global tax reforms. Multinational companies will have to pay their share wherever they work. Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple will be taxed 15% and will add around $150mn to local government coffers once implemented by 2023. Low tax countries of the EU like Poland, Ireland, Hungary have opposing views.

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Google’s global head of product strategy, media platforms Nandeeta Seth quits

Global head of product strategy and media platforms, Nandeeta Seth has decided to leave the tech giants after a seven-year tenure. She will be joining TikTok in the next two weeks. Seth joined Google in 2014 and has previously worked with Hewlett-Packard, A.T. Kearney, Ernst & Young, among others. She is also a board member of The New York Foundling, and as a member of the Chief, a private network.

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