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Twitter appoints Vinay Prakash as resident grievance officer for India

Vinay Prakash has been named Twitter’s resident grievance officer for India. The microblogging platform has been in the spotlight due to its failure to comply with the country’s new IT rules. Last month, Twitter, which has 1.75 crore users in India, lost its legal protection as an internet intermediary. Earlier, as required by the new rules, Twitter had designated Dharmendra Chatur as its interim resident grievance officer for India. But Chatur quit in a month.

Facebook appoints Spoorthi Priya as grievance officer for India

Facebook has appointed Spoorthi Priya as its grievance officer for India. The appointment has come at a time when the new IT rules of India require social media platforms to appoint grievance officer, nodal officer, and chief compliance officer. These new appointees should be residing in the country, mandates the new rule. The grievance officer is required to acknowledge the complaint within 24 hrs and dispose it of within 15 days from the date of its receipt.

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Paresh B Lal named as grievance officer in India for WhatsApp

Whatsapp, in accordance with the new IT rules for social media platforms, has appointed Paresh B Lal as grievance officer. All large digital companies have started updating their websites regarding the appointment of grievance officers. Flagged content, under the new rules, needs to be taken down within 36 hrs while pornography, nudity flagged content within 24 hrs. These platforms need to mention the name of the grievance officer and the process to lodge a complaint.