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RBI appoints external IT firm to conduct audit of HDFC’s IT infrastructure

HDFC Bank, the second-largest lender, now has an external professional IT firm, appointed by the RBI under Section 30 (1‐B) and Section 30 (1‐C) of the Banking Regulation Act, to conduct an entire audit of the bank’s IT infrastructure. This has come after the bank had given power failure at the data centre as the primary reason for the outage of digital channels. The RBI, following the outage, disallowed onboarding of new credit and debit card customers.

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RBI Gov asks banks, NBFCs to strengthen IT system to avoid outages

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das has asked banks, NBFCs and financial institutions to invest more in IT systems and strengthen the processes. This has come after the RBI had imposed restrictions on HDFC Bank to not to onboard new credit card customers and add new digital products after it suffered data centre outages. HDFC had suffered an outage for three days in Dec 2019, as well. SBI’s flagship banking app YONO had also suffered an outage yesterday.

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HDFC Bank’s digital payment channels down due to ‘data centre outage’

Outage at one of HDFC Bank’s data centres has impacted all transactions via digital payment channels — internet banking, UPI, debit, credit cards –since Saturday evening. The issue came to light when its customer started Tweeting about the problem on the microblogging site. The bank has witnessed something similar in December because of its ‘underestimated’ growth in payment volumes. The bank said that it is working on the issue and services will be resumed shortly.

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How HDFC Life strengthened its security posture

HDFC Life was long struggling with continuous DDoS attacks as their web application firewall (WAF) was unable to block them. Being an online policy seller, they desired a solution capable of scanning 10M hits/day. This is when they started using Indusface AppTrana, a web app scanning solution with ‘detect-protect-monitor’ package that protects the system from vulnerabilities by monitoring attacks round the clock. They can now focus on better customer servicing.

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WhatsApp Pay service may launch by month-end

WhatsApp Pay, struggling to see daylight in India for almost two years, is set to lunch its services in partnership with three private banks –ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and HDFC Bank. State Bank of India, the largest bank in the country, will join at a later stage. The service which has been in a test mode since Feb 2018 is likely to be launched by May end. The Facebook-owned social messaging app has more than 400 mn users in India.

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