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37% increase in cyberattacks on healthcare in  2020

Check Point said, monthly cyberattacks on hospitals and healthcare organisations rose by 37% in the last 12 months and therefore, was the most targeted industry in 2020. Cyberattacks targeting healthcare organisations increased by 45% globally in Nov and Dec of 2020. The most common cyber threats the sector faced was ransomware. Check Point added, nearly half of all ransomware incidents in Q3 2020, involved the threat of releasing data stolen from the target organisation.

Desi pharma companies at high ransomware target in 2021: Report

Targeted ransomware attacks on the Indian healthcare and pharma sector will surge in 2021 as firms finalise vaccines to fight COVID-19, a new report said. According to the ‘threat prediction 2021’ report by Seqrite, the enterprise security arm of Quick Heal, although few ransomware operators decided not to target the healthcare sector during the pandemic, several new groups have continued to use ransomware against this sector.

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AWS witnessing strong growth among fintech, healthcare, e-com, logistics startups

AWS Head of Startup Ecosystem (APJ ) Gaurav Arora said that they were witnessing a strong uptake of its cloud services among startups across three segments — fintech, healthcare, e-commerce and logistics in India. The three biggest budget items for any startups are people, tech, and marketing, and that startups need to manage capital to succeed, he said. AWS, competes with Microsoft and Google in the segment, has been strengthening its presence in India.

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Four sectors 5G will transform

1) Real Estate: With the introduction of AR/VR in tour visits, it will be essential to have a network with lower latency. 2) Farming: Agri-IoT sensors (drones etc) are a very useful part of aggrotech. 5G can help to manage these drones and get real-time data from them.3) Healthcare: Faster network with low latency will transfer massive and critical patients’ data in nanoseconds. 4) Automotive: 5G can make self-driving cars, that generate 25GB data/hour, a reality.

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Tech in Healthcare: Insights into Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute’s use of tech

1. ERP platforms use info for structured decision-making. 2. RPA in interventional radiology is using robot and delivering accurate drug dosage at the very point of the tumour; thus, saving neighbouring cells from chemotherapy’s side-effects. 3. AI captures doctor’s preference of medicines, tests for specific symptoms, then showing it on dashboards as recommendations. 4. Electronic health records enable touch-less file checking, management. 5. Telemedicine, VC.

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How Gaia’s AI-based workforce management solutions are being used in hospitals

1. Data analytics helps in analysing patient’s health over time, thereby attributing it to the quality of work done by the hospital staff. 2. Real-time location tracking tool for staff and assets helps hospitals to know their availability. 3. The AI-enabled tool helps in daily task allocation. 4. IoT tech helps in monitoring critical systems and spaces. 5. Hygiene monitoring tool ensures sanitation in the hospital.

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5 data security tips for healthcare institutions

1. Implement zero trust policy. Most data breaches are caused due to internal reasons – human error, intentional abuse of privileged access. 2. Strengthen security response plan against ransomware attacks. 3. Hire a full-time in-house security expert; especially during these challenging times. 4. Implement software-defined networking for secure data sharing with patients, caregivers etc. 5. Promote cyber awareness among hospital staff, employees.

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How UST Global is using tech for well being of employees

UST’s main task, while remote working, was to ensure connectivity among its 25k employees working across 25+ countries. For this, they deployed Oracle’s fusion health and safety module on Oracle cloud HCM that allowed tracking, managing, and preventing the spread of COVID-19 across the employee base. HR teams ensure employee safety and rule compliance. Also, the firm has implemented fusion learning solution to upscale employees’ tech skill-sets. 

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How healthcare CIOs can generate better revenue

1) Relying on IT for revenue generation by extending electronic medical record systems and other healthcare-specific solutions in rural and critical-access hospital zones on a short-term basis. 2) Transforming vendor management for better efficiency, innovations and cost-saving. 3) Avoiding unnecessary expenses on updated but less usable technologies, if the pre-existing product is good enough to be used.

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