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Wipro Leaders to resume working from Office twice a week from today

After over a year and a half of “work-from-home”, Wipro has recalled its leadership to offices to start office work twice a week. They are all be fully vaccinated and will follow the proper social distancing guidelines, Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji said. The move comes as the Indian and Global tech industry is shifting from a full work-from-home model to a hybrid work model, and attempt to bring back social connections among employees.

Microsoft delays employee return to US offices indefinitely

Microsoft has delayed the return of its employees to its offices in the United States indefinitely until it is safe to do so. With 181,000 total employees and 103,000 in the US alone, Microsoft will wait for public health guidance of safe return and give employees a 30-day transition period after that. Until then, it has embraced remote work, announcing a number of features to make sure employee productivity does not suffer.

Source: Live Mint

Google Workplace announces new innovations to fill hybrid work gaps

To help employees involved in hybrid schedules of work, Google Workspace has announced new adjustments and features. The new features included in Chat, and meeting and conferencing hardware enhancements aim to bridge the gap of a hybrid work environment. The new feature “Spaces”, will be a dedicated place to share info, build community, and advance projects as teammates. It will integrate fully with all other Workspace software.

Source: PR News Wire

Apple has reduced WFH leaving some employees unhappy

Apple is slowly transitioning towards a hybrid work model with the aim of having its employees come back to offices. The company has rejected a lot of WFH requests from its employees. Starting Sept Tim Cook wants employees to come to the office on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Apple’s internal survey said that more than 35% of employees are unhappy about the hybrid model. 10 employees said they will quit their jobs due to the same.

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Employees can calculate pay, benefits for WFH as Google releases work location tool

Google has launched a platform that will enable its employees to calculate pay, benefits for remote work, and how this would change on moving to different cities. As Google has introduced hybrid workplaces, the new tool will allow workers to know their compensation based on location. Google has over 140,000 employees worldwide and expects 60% of them to meet a few times a week, 20% will be shifting to new locations while 20% will be WFH.

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Facebook on course to re-open all offices in USA by October

Social media giant Facebook has announced that it plans to open all its offices in the USA by October along with flexible work-related options for employees. They also said all offices may be functional at 50% capacity by September, and by June 15 remote work as an option across all staff levels will be opened. Some of the EMEA and APAC offices have already opened. Facebook will keep track of its LATAM offices.

Cisco adds new feature in Webex to make meetings interactive

Cisco will be adding new features in Webex like background noise cancellation, adding polls and quizzes to make meetings more interactive. While unveiling a new Webex logo, Cisco said that its hybrid work suit will be 40% cheaper than a la carte. 800 new features and devices have been added to Webex since Sept 2020 to enhance the hybrid work module. One of its AI-powered features re-frames participants allowing them to see body language and facial expressions.

WFH to be a permanent attribute of work, say 88% employees

Genius consultants, in a survey, said, 88% of employees agreed with WFH as a permanent work attribute in the future, while 11% disagreed with listing the significance of physical operations. Further in the study, 78% of workers agreed that WFH has improved employee efficiency and productivity. However, 21% of workers said WFH had very little effect on improving employee productivity and efficiency.

Google’s new office policy let 20% of staff work from home

Google’s 20% of staff will WFH even after the opening of offices this fall. Around 60% of those working for the tech giant will work in a hybrid schedule meaning they have to come to the office three days a week, while the rest of the two days they can work from their comfort zone. Google has allowed 20% of the workforce to change their location of work to any google office.  “The future of work is flexibility,” CEO Sundar Pichai said in an email while announcing the new policy.