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IBM, Persistent Systems continue to grow two-decade long partnership

Persistent Systems said it is going to further grow its 20 years-long partnership with IBM. From a project in security to working with 400+ shared customers and 50 IBM brands, the partnership has come a long way. The mid-tier software services firm will now invest in IBM tech that will help its customers adopt hybrid cloud and AI tech using the Red HatOpenShift industry-specific clouds and advanced security practices.

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IIT Madras, IBM join hands-on quantum computing

On Monday IIT Madras announced that it will join forces with IBM on quantum computing as students and faculty at the institute will get access to tech giant’s quantum systems over the cloud. The collaboration will enhance research in quantum computing and enable students to prepare for careers. The syllabus will be jointly taught by IIT M professors and IBM researchers with hands-on lab sessions. Over the past few years, India has seen a lot of growth in quantum computing.

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Indian education Institutes to gain access to IBM’s quantum computing system

IBM said they will provide Indian institutes over the cloud access to its quantum computing systems for training and research. IISER Pune, IISER – Thiruvananthapuram, IISc Bangalore, IITs of Madras Jodhpur, Kanpur, IIIT Delhi, ISI Kolkata, TIFR Mumbai, and the University of Calcutta are the institutes that will have the access. It will also provide resources and tools to enable 100-150 students to work on quantum computers.

Israel signs AWS, Google to provide cloud services for project Nimbus

Israel has signed AWS and Google to provide cloud computing services for the country’s public sector and armed forces. The tech giants won the tenders for the four-phased project worth over a $1 bn named “Nimbus” by beating Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM. The migration to the cloud will begin in two months. The system will not be centralized, and not all the data will not be on the cloud. Google and Amazon, under the deal, will make purchases in Israel to 20% of the value of the contract.

IBM announces acquisition of Salesforce partner Waeg

IBM announced that it will buy Salesforce consulting partner Waeg. The Brussels-based firm will help IBM in the expansion of services and support of hybrid cloud and AI. Waeg has a total of 130 employees, who are called ‘Waegers’, across countries like Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, and the Netherlands. Waeg’s expertise in Salesforce consulting services will help the tech giant in creating intelligent workflows. The terms of the deal, however, were not disclosed.

AI and hybrid cloud to receive attention from IBM

IBM this year will be focusing on developing AI, hybrid cloud storage, and quantum computers. They will roll out AI to manage cloud data, a system to automate meeting scheduling, and use quantum computers for complex programs. IBM will also release its project CodeNet, an open-source dataset made up of 14 mn code samples, 500 mn code lines, and 55 programming languages. The 2-nanometer chip building tech will begin production in a couple of years.

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IBM unveils generation next 2-nanometer chip making tech

IBM introduced its one-of-a-kind, 2-nanometer chip-making technology. This technology could be 45% faster than the existing 7-nanometer chips and 75% more power-efficient. The 2-nanometer chips, which IBM says is the first in the world, will be much smaller in size and faster than 5-nanometer chips, available in premium smartphones including Apple iPhone 12 models. The technology, however, will take years to hit the market.

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IBM acquires cloud app, network management firm Turbonomic

IMB is acquiring a provider of tools to manage app performance for resource management firm Turbonomic, along with Kubernetes and network performance. The tech giant aims to bring more AI into IT ops into its fold. The finances of the deal were not disclosed. A Reuters report, based on sources, valued the deal as anything between $1.5 – $2 bn. The acquisition will deepen IBM’s strength in providing clients with AI-based services to manage networks and workloads.

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HCL Tech, IBM join hands to strengthen security ops

IBM Security and HCL have joined hands to fortify threat management services for clients by modernizing the security operation center platform. HCL’s Cybersecurity Fusion Centers will leverage IBM’s Cloud Pak for Security to create a unified security platform to connect people, processes, and tools. They will also help enterprises to navigate their digital transformation journey. HCL’s six Cybersecurity Fusion Centers deliver threat management services across the globe.

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