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ICICI Bank introduces cardless cash withdrawal using iMobile App

ICICI Bank introduced a cardless cash withdrawal system using which, customers can withdraw cash from the bank’s ATMs without using their debit cards. ICICI Bank says that customers can now use the iMobile app to withdraw cash in a simple and safe mode. The service is now available across 15K ICICI Bank ATMs across the country. The new withdrawal system is faster and also eliminates the risk of card skimming as it does not require card or ATM pin.

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Facial recognition, iris scans to Aadhaar-authenticate the access to DBT payouts

The current biometric-based Aadhaar authentication (fingerprints) is not safe, considering the ongoing pandemic situation. Plus, fingerprints of labourers etc fade and become less distinctive over time. Hence NPCI, UIDAI, together with ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, RBL Bank and Fino Payments Bank is considering the use of facial recognition and iris scans for Aadhaar authentication which is essential to avail govt beneficiaries like DBT payouts and domestic transfers.

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ICICI Bank to use satellite data to enable speedy lending to Indian farmers

ICICI Bank has introduced the use of satellite data to assess the creditworthiness of its existing and new farmer customers, becoming the first Indian bank to do so. The satellite imagery will assess parameters related to land, irrigation, and crop patterns, combine-checked for demographic, financial parameters to enable speedy lending to the farmers. The bank has, so far deployed, this tech in 500+ villages and plans to expand it to 63,000 villages in the country.

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