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India’s server market declines 11.2% in Q4 2020: IDC 

India’s overall server market declined 11.2 % (YoY) in terms of revenue to reach $266.1 mn in Q4 2020, said IDC.  The x86 server market contribution grew to 92.9 % in terms of revenue, growing 4.8 percentage points over Q4, 2019. Dell emerged as the market leader in the India x86 server market with a revenue of $73.1 mn, HPE was second ($48.2 mn),  Lenovo was third ( $27.0 mn) said Harshal Udatewar, Market Analyst, Server, IDC India.

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ICT spend to rise by 10% to $91 billion in CY21: IDC

IDC said that spend on ICT in India will grow over 10% in 2021 to touch  $91 bn and hit $111 bn by 2024. The revival of economic activities and growing consumer demand will accelerate this growth, said the report. BFSI and telecom will be the biggest contributor to the growth by with 14% of the overall ICT spend. The sector may grow at 7.8%, following the increased ICT investments in improving customer experience, business continuity, and cybersecurity.

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Global server market revenue up 1.5% in Q4 2020: IDC 

Worldwide server market revenue grew 1.5 % YoY to $25.8 bn during the Q4 of 2020, said IDC. The global server shipments, however, declined 3% YoY to nearly 3.3 mn units during the period. “Global demand for enterprise servers was relatively flat during the Q4 of 2020 with the strongest demand coming from China,”  said IDC Analyst Paul Maguranis. IDC said that servers running AMD (100.9%) CPUs and ARM-based servers ( 345%) continue to grow revenue YoY.

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14.7% YOY rise in India’s tablet shipment after four years of decline

There was a 14.7% YoY growth in the Indian Tablet market with 2.8 mn units shipped in 2020 after declining for the last four years, said an IDC report. Due to the postponement of all govt projects to 2021, the commercial shipment declined 14.3% YoY while the consumer segment grew 59.8% YoY. Pandemic pushed people towards e-learning platforms, which gave a 6.6% YoY growth to Lenovo. Samsung’s consumer segment with shipments growing by 157% over 2019.

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Indian Businesses to implement Intelligent Automation By 2024

According to an IDC study, nearly 50% of businesses in India will introduce RPA by 2024. Triggered by COVID-19, RPA adoption will increase by 57% within a year. Indian firms first priority is to adopt automation for increased security and overall governance of processes. IDC surveyed more than 1,600 customers and revealed that the pandemic pushed the companies in the direction of digital transformation – and RPA adoption.

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20% of Indian firms to adopt Cloud strategies by 2023

Enterprises in India are planning to use the cloud for objectives beyond business continuity and cost. It has been estimated that 20% of organisations will start adopting Cloud strategies by 2023 and 50 % of enterprises will replace outdated operational models with cloud-centric models by 2024, said an IDC report. Companies will likely modernize over 50% of their existing apps by 2025 by adapting to cloud-native development and deployment services.

AR/VR spending to grow CAGR of 47.7% to reach $28.8 bn by 2024

The spending on AR/VR would grow at a CAGR of 47.7% to reach $28.8 bn by 2024, according to IDC. China will have the largest AR/VR spending in the Asia/Pacific region having a 90% share in 2020. The use of AR/VR in Edu, retail and discrete manufacturing accounts for 50% of the commercial sector in 2020. VR games are the leading users with more than one-third of AR/VR tech market in 2020. This is followed by training and video/feature viewing (VR) use cases.

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30% of Indian businesses invest in digital, technological skilling initiatives

According to a joint study by Microsoft and IDC, 3 out of 10 businesses are investing in reskilling initiatives to drive innovation. However, 25% want support from the government to improve digital and tech skills in the workforce and 21% for digital technology adoption incentives for businesses. 55% of workers want businesses to formalize innovation-based rewards. 51% of workers and 48% of leaders want workforce models to include reskilling and up-skilling opportunities.

Big Data Analytics solutions spending in India to reach $22.6 bn in 2020

Big Data Analytics solutions’ spending to reach $22.6 bn in 2020, with a growth of 12% over 2019 in Asia Pacific region, said research firm IDC. It expects big data tech and service-related revenues to grow with a 5-year CAGR of 15.6% between the year 2019 and 24. 74% of enterprises intend to invest in BDA solutions at the same or higher level. Banking and telecom lead in BDA consumption, spending together over $ 6.1bn.

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