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10 lakh Domino’s customers’ credit data on ‘sale’ for Rs 4 cr: Expert

Alon Gal, CTO of cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock claimed that credit card details of over 10 lakh customers of Domino’s Pizza India are being sold for Rs 4 cr on the Dark Web. Cybercriminals have claimed to have hacked Domino’s India database worth 13TB and are looking to earn $550,000 (approx Rs 4 cr ) from the database. They are also planning to build a search portal to enable querying the data. Domino’s India is yet to officially speak over the leak.

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Mobile cyberattacks in India surged 845% in six months: Check Point

Mobile cyberattacks in India jumped 845% to 12,719 in March 2021 from 1,345 cases in Oct 2020, said Check Point Software Technologies in a report. The report revealed that ISPs in India, during the first phase of lockdown, had received cyberattack alerts from corporate clients almost every alternate day compared with an average of once a week before the lockdowns. The report said that 97% of firms across the globe faced mobile threats from several attack vectors.

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50% Indian companies suffer unexpected downtime due to data loss: Report

Over 50% of Indian organisations suffered unexpected downtime in 2020 because of loss of data, said a report by Singapore-based cybersecurity firm Acronis. This was despite the fact that close to 70% of them were using 10 cybersecurity products at a time. 20% of IT professionals, surprisingly, don’t even know if their company is subject to data privacy laws. The survey was conducted on 4,400 IT users and professionals in 22 countries, including India.

533 mn Facebook users personal data have been leaked online

A hacking group has published personal data of 533 mn Facebook users for free online. The data includes users from 106 countries, including the USA (32 mn), United Kingdom (11 mn), and India (6 mn). The published data include users mobile numbers, FB IDs,  names, locations, DOB, bios, and – in few cases – email ID. A Facebook spokesperson said that data was scraped in 2019 following a vulnerability that the social network has patched.

Airtel receives CERT-IN empanelment to offer services to govt agencies, PSUs

Bharti Airtel has been empanelled by the CERT-IN, which will allow the Gurgaon based telco to offer cyber-security solutions to the central and state governments as well as PSUs, besides corporate clients. Airtel provides end-to-end managed security services to enterprise clients under Airtel Secure, which is a combination of Airtel’s network security with solutions delivered through global partnerships.

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SolarWinds hacker accessed emails of top US Homeland Security officials

SolarWinds hackers have got access to email accounts of the Trump administration’s head of the Department of Homeland Security and other key members, the department responsible for eliminating threats emanating from foreign soil, news agency AP said. The intelligence value of hacking is not known yet. The hack, however,  raises serious questions over the USA govt’s ability to protect individuals, firms and institutions, if it can’t protect itself.

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Thousands of Exchange servers still compromised despite applying patches

Thousands of Microsoft mail servers are still compromised despite applying fixes, said Brandon Wales, acting director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. He said that organisations, where servers were compromised before fixing patches, must take additional measures. So far, 45% of the vulnerable systems had been patched in the US. The number of not patched machines are less than 10,000, down from 120,000 at the start.

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Enterprise infosec, risk management spending in India $2.08 bn in 2021: Gartner

Enterprises and end-users will spend $2.08 bn in 2021 on information security and risk management. An increase of 9.5% from 2020, said Gartner. “The overnight move to WFH in reaction to the pandemic exposed organisations’ vulnerabilities,” said Prateek Bhajanka, senior principal research analyst at Gartner. “While security leaders had to cut down on their security spending in 2020 because of IT budget-cuts, in 2021, this trend is reversing,” he added.

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Cybercriminals can get full access to text messages for just Rs 1,160

Cybercriminals are misusing SMS management services by paying as less as Rs 1,160 to redirect text messages to access two-factor codes/login SMSes. The cyber-attack is being planned and carried out in connivance with telecom firms employees claimed a Motherboard report. Cybercriminals, using the services, can also reply to SMEes. “It is better to use an app like Google Authenticator or Authy. Some password managers even have support for 2FA built-in,” the report recommended.

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