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Top 4 IT firms plan to hire 91,000 freshers, higher than last year

The top four IT firms — TCS, Infosys, HCL Tech, Wipro — plan to hire 91,000 freshers for 2021-22 as the demand has sharply picked up. TCS will hire about 40,000 freshers, Infosys would hire 24,000 college graduates. HCL aims to hire 15,000 freshers in India and 1,500-2,000 people on-site. Infosys, recently, won a $3.2bn deal from German auto major Daimler. TCS locked a deal from Prudential Financial. Wipro signed German retailer Metro.

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Gartner says worldwide IT spending to grow 4% in 2021

Worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.8 tril in 2021, an increase of 4% from 2020, according to research firm Gartner. IT spending in 2020 is expected to total $3.6 tril, down 5.4% from 2019. All IT spending segments are forecast to decline in 2020. Enterprise software (7.2%) and spending on data centre systems (5.2%) are expected to have the strongest rebound in 2020. Cloud computing, despite growth in 2020, will not be reflected in vendors’ revenue until 2021.

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FirstMeridian acquires CBSI India for Rs 12 cr

HR services platform FirstMeridian has acquired CBSI India, an IT staffing business, for a total investment of Rs 12 Cr. CBSI and its employees will now operate as part of FirstMeridian group. The acquisition of CBSI enhances FirstMeridian’s IT staffing offering, fortifying its presence in the IT services industry. IT outsourcing is anticipated to increase in the coming time. FirstMeridian is now fully equipped to fulfil the demand for qualified IT workforce.

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IT workers enrol for digital re-skilling as firms boost super-specialised profiles’ pay

IT firms are giving special rewards – salary hikes (min 15%), team recognition, etc – to those employees who are skilled in specialised techs like AI and cybersecurity. As a result, a large number of existing IT workers and freshers have enrolled for courses in these tech niches. EdTech firms like GreatLearning (50K), Jigsaw Academy (5k+), SpringPeople (6K+) are flooded with enrolment in specialised tech since April; 60% of which are freshers.

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Modern endpoint management: A revolutionary enterprise IT management tool

1. A common solution applied at all levels of hardware/software eases IT management 2. MEM automates redundant tasks; cloud-based approach simplifies task management. 3. Remote troubleshooting capabilities resolve boot time glitches and other issues remotely, ensuring better user experience. 4. Unified console provides access to all endpoint security processes like patch management, browser security, vulnerability management enabling remote data security.

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50% firms lack OT security tools: Fortinet OT Cybersecurity report

90% of firms, reportedly, experienced at least one intrusion in the past year; whereas 72% and 26% experienced at least three and six intrusions respectively. These attacks resulted in affected productivity for 51% of respondents, operational outages for 37%, risked physical safety for 39%. Malware (60%), phishing (43%), hacks (39%), ransomware (37%), DDoS (27%), insider breaches (18%) were frequently-occurred attacks. 50% of firms lack security protocols, tools.

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Role of AI, ML in ensuring cybersecurity

1. By analysing past events’ data using ML algorithms, possible and potential cyberattacks can be predicted. 2. ML systems can deploy customised security protocols for firms. 3. Security vulnerability identification. 4. AI, automation optimizes the use of human capabilities, leaving the repetitive tasks for machines. 5. NLP enables better, and faster response to cyber threats. 6. AI categorizes the threats and fixes their vulnerabilities on priority basis.

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Better security during remote working does not mean better productivity

With a sudden, unprecedented switch to remote working, CIOs are stormed with responsibilities of data security while maintaining productivity, innovation during WFH. Security Measures like Inaccessibility to on-premise apps and multifactor authentication impacted 43% firms, as per Hitachi’s ID Systems’ report. The pandemic caught 75% of firms unprepared. Hence, remote working led to reduced productivity for these firms and security measures exacerbated it.

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Why a career in IT is recession-proof

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected health but has also left thousands of people unemployed. However, IT remains obscure from this effect of the pandemic. With the sudden and massive switch to remote working, the demand for cloud computing, and WFH solutions climbs drastically and so does the demand for these professionals. Data analysts/scientists, cloud engineers, cybersecurity experts etc are and will be in high demand.

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