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Intel 11th gen chips to add hardware-based ransomware detection

Intel’s new 11th gen Core vPro processors will offer cybersecurity at the processor level. The company revealed that its Threat Detection Technology or TDT is aimed especially at ransomware. TDT will be a built-in hardware security feature that will be able to detect ransomware by running on the processor in real-time by analysing various behaviours of the software. A ZDNet report said that this is the first known instance of deploying hardware to identify ransomware.

Ubiquiti alerts customers to a data breach

Ubiquiti, one of the biggest sellers of networking gear, emailed its customers to become aware of unauthorised access to its systems hosted by a third-party cloud provider. The company couldn’t be certain if the customers’ data-name, email address, and the one-way encrypted password to their account, address, phone number – had been exposed. It also asked the users to update their passwords and also enable two-factor authentication.

75% Indian firms saw 25% rise in cyber threats during WFH

Over 75% of organisations in India witnessed 25% rise in cyber security threats during WFH shift of employees following the pandemic, a Cisco report said. The report went on to say  that 65% of the participants upgraded cyber security to support remote working. “Cloud security is emerging as the top investment for 31% of the companies in reinventing their workplaces post COVID-19,” said Vishak Raman, Director, Security Business, Cisco India & SAARC.

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Mobile Applications – Intensifying risks to data security and privacy

Mobile apps are becoming a new feeble link when it comes to information security and privacy. Threat actors are utilising advanced techniques to evade detection while deploying malicious apps on the app stores. This constantly rising complexity of associated cyber threats, accompanied by rising data breach incidents is keeping CISOs up at night. The risk has increased manifolds with the rising demand for mobile apps and in pandemic when people are working from home.

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