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Intel launches NUC P14E Laptop with swappable compute element

Intel revealed a new feature in 2019 called Compute Unit, modular hardware with the processor and other components, enabling users to easily swap it out for an upgrade. Now it has unveiled a new “Next Unit of Computing” (NUC) laptop P14E, compatible with NUC 11 Compute Element allowing users to switch between units housing an Intel processor, storage, and built-in OS. The pricing will depend on the basis of systems sold directly to companies.

Source: Zdnet

Waiting for Intel’s Aurora supercomputer, US to make deal with Nvidia, AMD

The US Department of Energy will make a deal with Nvidia and AMD to purchase a supercomputer named “Polaris”. The news comes while Argonne National Lab still waits for Intel’s Aurora supercomputer, which will be the country’s fastest computer when launched. “Polaris”, on the other hand, will come online soon, and will be used to test and ready the software for Aurora. However, Polaris is not a replacement for Polaris.

Source: Infotechlead

Intel names consumer Graphic products “Arc”

Intel unveiled the name “Arc” for its range of consumer graphic products set to be launched next year. The name will cover hardware, consumer software, and services, but non-hardware details have not been revealed yet. The first hardware generation, called “Alchemist” will be based on Xe microarchitecture. The upcoming generations will be named “Battlemage”, “Celestial”, and “Druid”.

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Intel is betting on its 3D chip tech to beat competition 

Intel, On Monday, displayed its new 3D chip technology and analysts said they have an edge over their competitors. Intel’s ‘chiplets’ are different from TSMC’s as they can take in a wider variety of chiplets and meld them together without a loss of performance. Another amazing feature giving Intel’s chiplets an upper hand in that they rest on top of copper columns, letting them suck up electricity more efficiently than other designs.

Intel, Airtel sign a 5G network deal

Indian networking company Airtel and chipmaker Intel have partnered for working towards 5G tech. By leveraging the vRAN and O-RAN technologies, the duo hopes to develop 5G radio, core, cloud, edge, and AI. To roll out 5G at a wide-scale, Airtel will use Intel’s 3rd-gen Xeon Scalable processors, FPGAs, and eASICS, and Ethernet 800 series. Airtel has also partnered with Ericsson, Nokia, Tata sons, and TCS for 5G development and deployment.

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Intel planning to acquire GlobalFoundries in a $30bn deal

Intel Corp is negotiating a deal with GlobalFoundries for an estimated value of $30 bn. The deal does not involve GlobalFoundries directly as it was not in direct discussion with Intel. Earlier this year Intel announced expanding its advanced chip manufacturing business by spending $20bn in US factories. Intel is also looking to start making chips for carmakers who have struggled during the pandemic due to a shortage of chips.

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Intel to create high-performance computing, software units

Intel will be creating two new units, software, and high-performance computing and graphics. Current executives Sandra Rivera and Raja Koduri will take on new senior roles and Nick McKeown and Greg Lavender will be joining the company. Lavender will be the new GM of the software group with Koduri leading the accelerated computing systems and graphics group. For better graphic cards, Intel will be looking to partner with Taiwan Semiconductor Co.

Intel join hands with Reliance Jio to work on 5G technology

Intel corp has announced partnering up with Reliance Jio to work on 5G network technology. Last year Intel’s venture capital unit invested $250 mn in Reliance Jio. Intel will be working on its 5G RAN with Jio along with other things. Intel saw a 20% growth in networking chips in 2020 and a part of it was due to their investment in FlexRAN 10 years ago. FlexRAN allows carriers or software firms to write code for 5G networks.