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Facebook to release cloud gaming on iOS via web app

Facebook is releasing its upcoming cloud gaming service on iOS devices on Friday. The new service will be provided on iPhones and ipads through a web app. IT is still unclear how users will be able to find it, as third-party apps are banned on iOS. Apple requires each cloud game to have its own page and undergo a review. Facebook is yet to face a number of other issues on Apple’s Safari browser due to limitations on web apps.

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Users forced to factory reset after new iOS bug causes wifi to switch off

A new bug has been found in iOS devices that disable the wifi. The users are forced to factory reset devices to access features like AirDrop or activate wifi. Not all iPhones might be affected. A new variant of the bug is worse than the one found in June. This bug is semi-permanent and gets triggered when it comes within the range of a Wi-Fi network named ‘%secretclub%power’. The wifi is disabled once triggered and resetting the network does not help.

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Apple says, 85% compatible devices have iOS 14 installed

A statistical report released by Apple highlighted that 85% of all compatible iPhones have iOS 14 installed on them, while 90% of all devices launched in the last four years have iOS 14. Among the remaining 10%, almost 85 users have iOS 13 while only 2% are functioning on an older version. 91% of iPads launched in the last 4 years have iPadOS 14 while 8% are on iPadOS 13 and only 1% are on an older version. Overall 79% of all iPads have iPadOS 14.

Instagram reels might get browser support soon

In the near future reels might be visible on the Instagram website, as well. The social media giant is working on adding the feature of viewing reels on desktop browsers by adding a dedicated icon. The icon has the same appearance for the android and iOS versions. Even though using reverse-engineering the new icon has been spotted but is currently non-functional. Another new feature may show the expiration time left for a story.

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167 apps on android, iOS are stealing users money

Hackers steal money using 167 fake apps on android and iOS stores. Cybersecurity experts found a server with all of them loaded and concluded the operation might be conducted by one group. These fake apps lured users via dating sites into investing money into the fake app. Some impersonated as banks and cryptocurrency brands. A chat option was found in some apps. A fake iOS app store was set up with fake reviews to make people believe it’s a trusted source. 

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Clubhouse to launch android app globally within a week

The US-based audio-based social media app Clubhouse announced the global launch of the Android app within a week. The beta-testing of the app started earlier this month with a lot of features to be worked on like accessibility, language support, etc. The app, estimated at a market valuation of $4bn, faces competition from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter who have similar offerings or announced plans for the same. The startup said it is working to bring iOS features to the android version.

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Coming soon: Android version of Clubhouse

The US-based social media app Clubhouse estimated at $ 4bn, has become popular among US iOS users. Clubhouse to expand its growth has finally decided to launch its Android version on Playstore. Currently lacking a lot of features, the company is into beta testing and will be working on accessibility, language support, and many more features. It faces competition from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter who have similar offerings or have plans.

Ad tracking on IOS receives a big no, as only 4% in the US approves

Apple has brought out the new app tracking transparency feature in ios update 14.5, which allows users to deny access to tracking them across different apps and websites. Facebook disapproves of this feature but users have other thoughts. Statistics show only 12% of the total IOS 14.5 users globally –5.3 mn total users– have approved app tracking. In the US only 4% approve of it, said a report from Flurry Analytics.

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Samsung building web panel for SmartThings

Samsung is building a web panel access to its home platforms SmartThings. At present SmartThings, one of the oldest smart home platforms which are still actively supported is accessible via Android and iOS mobile apps only. Samsung started the development on a web panel for SmartThings in May 2019, which was closed down in the same year. The web app project was “running into shifting requirements from legal and security teams”.

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