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90% of tech companies state importance of IoT in development plans

The majority of the enterprises (90%) emphasized that IoT is necessary to support their digital transformation plans across different sectors. The growth of any project is proportional to the investment, 38% of these said their investment in IoT will exceed $1m in 2021. Josh Builta, Director of Research, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence at Omdia expects to see the growth in IoT deployment being accelerated in the coming years.

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Delhi airport’s Taxibot completes 1,000 movements

Delhi airport, two years back, has put to use two Taxibot with the aim to be a “net zero-emission” by 2030. Taxibot is a semi-robotic towbarless aircraft tractor that tows planes between the terminal gates and runways. Taxibot has helped reduce carbon emissions on the airport by completing 1000 movements to save 532 tonnes of carbon and 214,000L of ATF. At present, three airlines are using these bots. Authorities aim to add 15 Taxibot in four years.

Edtech startup WizKlub appoints Pankaj Bande as CTO

Bengaluru-based Edtech startup WizKlub has appointed Pankaj Bande as CTO to lead the product design, learning, and development Team. He brings with him 20 years of professional experience and has worked with Wipro and Cognizant in the past. Bande has quality experience in conversational AI, IoT, Blockchain, Mobile Robotics, hardware, etc. In his last assignment, he served Wipro as Senior Architect for Conversation IoT Solutions for BFSI, Healthcare, Auto sectors.

Samsung building web panel for SmartThings

Samsung is building a web panel access to its home platforms SmartThings. At present SmartThings, one of the oldest smart home platforms which are still actively supported is accessible via Android and iOS mobile apps only. Samsung started the development on a web panel for SmartThings in May 2019, which was closed down in the same year. The web app project was “running into shifting requirements from legal and security teams”.

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Soon Samsung’s old Galaxy phones can be converted into IoT devices

Samsung’s new software update will convert old Galaxy phones to IoT devices to control sound and light devices. The update, as of now, is available for all Galaxy S, Note and Z smartphones, launched in 2018 onwards, and running on Android 9. The smartphone maker under the programme named Galaxy Upcycling will add more devices in future.  Samsung is doing beta in South Korea, the US and the UK for the programme.

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LG, Qu & Co to develop quantum computing tech

LG and quantum algorithm developer Qu & Co have joined hands to conduct research to develop quantum computing tech for multiphysics simulations over the next three years. Multiphysics involve simultaneously occurring multiple physical phenomena and is used to analyze, verify such systems. LG said it expects quantum computing tech to be implemented in big data, IoT, robotics, and to improve competitiveness in future tech businesses.

Vodafone Idea’s enterprise arm unveils Integrated IoT solutions

Enterprise arm of Vodafone Idea, Vi Business, has launched ‘Integrated IoT Solutions’ for large businesses to become the only telecom firm in India to offer a secure end-to-end IoT solution having connectivity, hardware, network, application, analytics, security and support. Ravinder Takkar, MD & CEO, Vodafone Idea Limited, said: ” Vi is helping enterprises succeed in IoT, thereby paving the way for a digitally enhanced market in India.”

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Global IoT semiconductor component market to grow at CAGR of 19% to hit $80 bn

The global IoT semiconductor component market will grow at a CAGR of 19% from $33bn in 2020 to $80 bn in 2025 according to IoT analytics. IoT’s growing usage will force chipmakers to focus on typical necessities. Key customers include big data analytics, mobile communication, gaming, connected and semi-autonomous cars etc. The report added that the number of active IoT device connections grew from 3.6 bn in 2015 to 11.7 bn in 2020.

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Birlasoft to adopt a platform-based strategy to offer digital transformation solutions

Birlasoft said it would adopt a platform-based strategy to offer a faster and outcome-based digital transformation solution to clients by investing in developing platforms for core industry processes. Revenue for the quarter ending December rose 5.7%, while profit jumped 32.6%. The first set of platforms will bring together the combined power of digital techs such as cloud, automation, IoT, edge computing, artificial intelligence, 5G and blockchain, said  CEO Dharmendra Kapoor.

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